Rural cell tower on a farm.

Eric Rayment’s experience with APWireless

Mr. Eric Rayment, the landowner of a rural phone mast in Suffolk, concluded a deal with APWireless in December 2023. Mr. Rayment recognized the opportunity to partner with APWireless upon learning about the UK’s telecom’s legislation (the Code) and how that would likely affect him in the future. The effects of the Code, coupled with APW’s appealing business model, motivated the landlord to move forward with the deal.

The opportunity to partner with APWireless came to Mr. Rayment when he received a letter in the mail from APWireless. “Initially, I didn’t heed any importance to the letters. I then spoke to a contact within the telecoms industry who stated that at the end of the lease the rent would drop significantly, confirming what APWireless had forecasted on our first conversations. That’s when I turned to APWireless to explore our options. In the end, it was all about removing the risk and having a safety net instead,” Mr. Rayment explains.

“For us, it was all about removing the risk and having a safety net instead.”

Regarding the benefits of partnering with APWireless, Mr. Rayment shares that he and his wife used the lump sum for a major house renovation, “My oldest boy and his girlfriend found the cost of living high where they were living —and also because we are getting older, and they thought it would be a good idea to be on hand here. We started looking at adding a second floor to the bungalow or having a two-bedroom unit on the ground with a nice lobby.”

Mr. Rayment recommend other landlords to “have a normal, pleasant conversation and see what it is all about.” He adds, “The deal went on due to the experience with the Acquisitions Director. He was very helpful and cleared up several points about the legal and the tax implications. He also had a humorous and joyful attitude that paired perfectly with mine.