Educational Institutions

Denefield School

We have been able to secure a deal with APWireless that means we won’t now have to go through a potentially time-consuming lease re-negotiation process, and, importantly, will enable us to invest in sports-related facilities over the next three years to the benefit of our students. APWireless have been professional and helpful throughout, and showed great understanding when the process of obtaining DfE approvals took longer than expected.

Edmund Bradley, Finance and Business Director

Owl Education

Owl Education has leased the rooftop site to various telecoms providers in the past 25 years. We have dealt with a number of clients but were quite frankly, astounded by the professionalism offered by APWireless. During a long legal process, an investor pulled out at the eleventh hour. This would have had a dramatic impact on our development plans. However, APWireless were able to step in and complete the lease for the telecom site with considerable speed. The transaction was finalized quickly and efficiently and I would not hesitate in recommending APWireless to any other landlord. The overall experience from start to finish was easy, proficient and well managed. We have been most impressed and delighted to have been able to form a relationship with APWireless.

Rajni Verma – Owl Education (Management) Ltd