Who We Are

APWireless, a subsidiary of Digital Landscape Group, is one of the leading mobile phone mast site lease investment firm in the world. We are focused on the strategic acquisition and management of ground, tower, rooftop and in-building mobile phone mast leases.

In 2010, APWireless began investing in cell site leases from its headquarters in San Diego and has since expanded operations world wide. The company’s investment portfolio is comprised of thousands of leases in 19 countries across Europe, Asia, Australia, and North and South America.

Our business develops partnerships with existing mobile phone mast landlords, providing them with a lump-sum payment in exchange for the right to receive the future rent associated with the mobile phone mast on their property. Furthermore, APWireless seeks to add as many mobile phone operators to each mobile phone mast site location as possible, ensuring that each site is being managed to its greatest potential.

APWireless successfully operates worldwide by employing local telecom industry professionals in each country. Recognising that every client and market is different, we approach business as an international professional services organisation, basing our solutions on local laws, financial concepts, customs and languages. Having now developed operator-sponsored lease investment programs, APWireless can apply its unique expertise and services to help both landlords and operators achieve their strategic and financial objectives.

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