Sport & Social Clubs

Abercorn Sports Club

For over 20 years our Sports Club has had a significant financial benefit from the mobile phone aerial on our roof. Early this year it became clear that as a result of the government’s New Code our rent income from the aerial would drop very significantly. While we were earning a healthy rent income the Club had not taken up previous overtures from APWireless. However, when I made contact with Tom I was very pleased with the reception I got. APWireless’ speed of response was excellent and I quickly had an offer to discuss with the Club’s Committee.
Once the Club had decided to sell the lease to APWireless, Tom professionally took me through the various required steps and paperwork that would be required to complete the process. Over the coming few months, while the lawyers were doing their job, Tom was in regular telephone and email contact with me to make sure things were progressing as required. This contact continued all through the legal process up until the delivery of funds.
In all my dealings with APWireless, I have found them to be honest, reliable and very friendly and would not hesitate in recommending Tom and APWireless to you.

David King, Committee Member

Hornets Rugby Football Club

Hornets Rugby Club have had two occasions where we have engaged with APWireless, on both occasions we have had very professional relations with each transaction going through in a timely manner. Ongoing conversations had been happening for over 10 years and we knew that if and when we wished to avail of their services, they were there. Conversations were very straightforward and they delivered what was promised. We would have no problem with recommending them.

Stuart Simmons, Chairman

Ballymacarrett Orange Hall

APWireless made contact with the Hall in May 2022, regarding a possible deal to take over the lease on the rooftop mast on the Orange Hall, buying us out of our current lease. I started discussions with Linda E from APW and to be totally honest she made it all very easy from our perspective. The terms of the deal were very favourable to us and we have just received our first payment, Oct 2022, as we opted for the 5 year payment plan. Linda was an absolute star in the negotiations and took time to explain how it all worked and the officers & trustees of the hall feel we have a substantial amount of funds now available to make the hall better for all in the community. It gives me great pleasure to recommend APWireless and particularly Linda should any other company or association in NI have any ideas in this area.

John Patterson, District Treasurer

Aylesbury RFC

Emyr from APWireless has been professional and helpful throughout the process and worked with us to agree a deal that is timely and beneficial to the Rugby Club. They helped us through the legal obstacles and were very accommodating throughout the process. The result is a significant injection into Club Funds at an opportune time and a guaranteed income stream for the next few years. Crucially, it means the Club will no longer have the aggravation of dealing with the Operators. The relationship with the operators has become increasingly problematic; the involvement of APWireless takes this hassle away from the Club. We have no hesitation in recommending APWireless if you are considering maximising the value of your existing lease.

Derek Spence

St Austell RFC

APWireless worked with St Austell RFC over a twelve-month period resulting in the capitalization of our mobile mast site. Throughout this time they show great patience and professionalism to help us understand the options open to us. Early on in the relationship APWireless identified that our existing rental payments had not been subject RPI reviews and with their assistance we were able to obtain a significant amount in backdated rent arrears going back to 2008. APWireless managed the process extremely well and proved to be responsive and reasonable during the negotiations that resulted in 20-year agreement to take over the lease management of our site. The resulting capital injection will enable us to invest in upgrading the infrastructure of Tregorrick Park for future generations of rugby players from Town, Bay and Clays of St Austell.

Paul Hayes
St Austell

Redding & West Quarter Unity Club

Initially we didn’t think working with APWireless was something we needed to consider. However Tracy highlighted the changes in the market and how the rent is likely to be impacted in the future. The Club is doing well financially so we weren’t desperate for the cash, taking the money over a prolonged period of time seemed the best option for us. Tracy kept us up to date through the process and built a good rapport with the members involved. We would have no hesitation in recommending other clubs reach out to APWireless to get the most out of their mast lease.

Club Committee

Hagley Golf Club

Almost a year on from the sale of 2 earlier mast sites to APWireless, completion of this owes much to the commitment of their in-house legal counsel and his support, alongside Emyr in navigating us through these increasingly murky “new code” waters has been invaluable. Alleviating away any worries and always open and honest, discussions have been supportive and proactive in progressing matters. I would like to place on record our thanks and look forward to working with you again as and when the opportunity arises.

Sarah Tibbetts – Estate Office, Hagley Hal

City of Newcastle Golf Club

Our golf club was badly hit by the Coronavirus pandemic and the lockdowns that ensued. The prospect of realising a cash flow advantage from assigning our telecoms lease to APWireless was therefore attractive. With the information provided by APWireless and my own financial background, I was able to present the issue to our Club’s Committee and gain approval to proceed with the transaction. The process towards completion of the transaction was hampered by lockdown but Tom was very effective at liaising with key stakeholders and keeping the wheels moving. I personally found it helpful to meet with Tom early in the process and this undoubtedly aided communication throughout. The Club has earmarked the funds generated from assignment of the telecoms lease to maintain our course improvement plans which were under threat because of the financial impacts of the pandemic.

Jeff Brice, Director – The City of Newcastle Golf Club Limited
Newcastle upon Tyne

Hornets Rugby Football Club

Our engagement with APWireless spanned over 8 years. We originally engaged with multiple suppliers about a possible Lease Premium however we decided that at that time it was not right for us. APWireless through their surveyor were the only ones who took time to develop the relationship with us. Overtime we developed a trust and were able to discuss future activities and potential timing for potential release of funds. There were several ‘false dawn’s’ on our part, however when we were ready to go, our APWireless contact was there to provide information promptly and was also able to help with some last minute issues that arose. The premium will be part of a larger investment into facilities. I would happily recommend APWireless to others.

Stuart Simmons, Chairman

Loanhead Miners Club

We were hesitant at first, preferring to keep matters as they were without the time to really dedicate to any changes in the market. However, that changed when we were offered a new rent at a vastly reduced sum. Our club is well placed financially, but we felt the offer from APWireless to be much more favourable and they can now deal with the operator following timely completion. We’re grateful to our solicitor and Tom’s assistance throughout the process.

David Brown, Club Treasurer

Cocken Lodge Golf Club

We have just completed a deal with APWireless and I am extremely happy with the way the whole transaction was managed. We now have a guaranteed stream of money to invest elsewhere and no longer have to navigate the intricacies, constant changes and the uncertainties of the telecoms market. We also feel that the time spent managing the telecoms lease is no longer our issue and that a burden has been lifted. Tom in particular was a pleasure to deal with and we would absolutely recommend at least a phone call with Tom and APWireless to any landlord of mobile phone masts.

Gawin Holmes, Agent
Houghton Le Spring

Seaham Harbour Golf Club

The option to capitalise the telecoms site at our club has proven to be welcome and timely transaction. We chose to maximise the figure we could extract from the deal by selling the freehold compound to APWireless. Even with some old land and title details to overcome, APWireless’ legal team were up to the task and the whole matter was completed well ahead of expectations. Our Club Committee are looking forward to re-investing the cash received into our golf club to enhance our membership experience. It has worked very well for us to have a focused use of funds rather than the drip feed and relative uncertainty of a telecoms rent. I would gladly endorse the APWireless proposition to any golf club or sports and social club.

John Foots, Club Chairman and Director – Seaham Harbour Golf Club Ltd
Seaham, Co Durham

Culcheth Sports Club

This was quite a complex process because our Sports Club is under covenant which restricts how we can use the land. APWireless used their experience and know how to navigate through an initial rejection to a successful completion. Relations with APWireless, in particular our dedicated personal point of contact, Kevin Povey, were at all times friendly, supportive and professional. Questions were answered in a courteous manner and nothing was too much trouble and Kevin was always available and happy to come to us as often as we needed him to. He ensured that the committee had a good understanding of this complex matter. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with them.

Donald Borland, On behalf of Culcheth Sports Club

Taunton Vale Sports Club

It was very easy and painless. APWireless were very professional and a satisfactory deal was completed very quickly. The sports club now have sufficient capital funds to reinvest in income producing sports facilities, which is much more our core business rather than chasing up mast rents from telecoms companies and messing around with rent reviews.

Helen Richards, Finance Director

Albion Rovers F.C.

Professional and painless. We were kept advised at every stage of the process.

Mark Hunter, Director – Albion Rovers F.C.

Kempston Rovers Football Club

Dear Kevin, I am delighted that we completed our transaction just before Christmas. I wanted to write to thank you for all your help in making it happen. The speed, efficiency, professionalism and courtesy, was a joy to work with. As a Club, we would certainly recommend APWireless to any other football clubs who are looking to capitalise on their telecom asset – to invest in future of their club. Once again many thanks.

Andrew Kirby – Kempston Rovers Football Club
Milton Keynes

East Belfast Constitutional Club

APWireless contacted me and chatted about a possible deal to take over our rooftop deal and to buy us out of a current lease. We struck a favourable deal to suit all concerned and eventually the deal came through in late October. We are using the funds to reinvest in the business and put some money back into our club. Linda from APW was very easy to deal with and explained how everything would work and roughly how long it would take. I would have no problem recommending APWireless to anyone. Kind regards

Maurice Kitchen, Secretary – East Belfast Constitutional Club

Birmingham & Solihull RFC

As a rugby club, we had two key aims. Firstly to remove the hassle of going through a lease re-negotiation process with an existing tenant. Secondly, to deliver a capital sum which we can re-invest for the benefit of the club. Securing a long term deal with APWireless has meant we have been able to achieve both of these requirements.

Richard Smith, Club Treasurer – Birmingham & Solihull RFC

Cockerton Club

Tom and I have kept in touch for a few years and we agreed to wait until our lease was renewed before giving us an offer for our new lease terms. The Committee were delighted with the offer, which will provide the club with the ability to carry out energy saving initiatives and technology investment opportunities to reduce energy bills. The legals were as straightforward as expected, which suited us perfectly since we didn’t want high legal costs. Please feel free to contact the club.

Brian Ford, Secretary – Cockerton Club

Sir John Short RAOB Club

Tom welcomed our input and we are totally satisfied with a deal that has delivered what we wanted. The process was managed with the minimum of fuss and the maximum level of communication and involvement by APWireless and his solicitor. Please feel free to give me a call to discuss.

David Clough, Secretary – Sir John Short RAOB Club

Cleve Rugby Football Club

I was contacted by Emyr Evans who explained in detail all the benefits and the risks regarding the current contract in respect of possible cancellation. I reviewed other options and found this was the best option for our Rugby Club. After negotiation we arrived at a suitable price and suitable legal costs. The money will be used for club development of another income stream which will be essential to the club’s future finances, which will be made possible by our very favourable dealings with APWireless. I found that Emyr Evans was easy to deal with and explained fully every step of the process to final completion, from the both legal and administrative sections. His rugby knowledge was also pretty good but missed out on the Lions Tour. Thanks for all your help to Cleve RFC.

Howard Owen – Cleve RFC

Raith Rovers Football Club

Tom first contacted us more than 5 years ago when we were not ready to raise finance and kept discreetly in touch so we contacted him when the time came to develop our stadium. His knowledge of the telecoms industry is excellent and we felt confident in his advice. Our situation was not straightforward as we had three sites and our property was already tenanted. Tom and his lawyers eased the process with great professionalism with no unpleasant surprises. As a result we are now in a position to develop our stadium for public and community use to the great benefit of our local football team.

David Sinton, Director – Stark’s Park Properties Ltd

Halfway & District Bowling Club

APWireless were very helpful in assisting us to get the best deal possible. They were quick to respond to any questions and we would recommend them to any other bowling clubs who were looking to release funds from their telecom sites.

Stephen McIntyre, Trustee – Halfway & District Bowling Club

Livingston Football Club

Our experience with APWireless was very good, Tom was great to work with and helped throughout the deal.

David Martindale – Livingston Football Club

Dewsbury Golf Club

We were very satisfied with our dealings with Steven Evans. APWireless were in competition with other companies for the purchase of our mast but they offered our club the best deal so we chose to proceed with them.

Brian Foster, Chairman – Dewsbury Golf Club

Anstey Nomads FC

We were approached by APWireless regarding a sub-lease on our phone mast and were putting plans together for a redevelopment programme at the Club. This involved new changing rooms, refurbishment to our floodlights and also a refurbishment to our clubhouse to enable us to attract more of the local community to hire our facilities for functions thus bringing in much needed revenue. So the prospect of taking a cash sum came at the right time to assist in all of the above plans. The whole procedure was taken care of by Andy Charlesworth of APWireless in a very professional and personable way and he kept me informed at every stage with all questions answered promptly. We decided to take a 50% share so that we were able to retain half of the rental as ongoing revenue for the Club. I would have no hesitation in recommending APWireless to other organisations with a current phone rental income.

Chris Hillebrandt, Trustee/Secretary/Treasurer – Anstey Nomads FC

Stoke on Trent RUFC

The opportunity to sell the lease on our Vodafone Mast couldn’t have come at a better time for the Rugby Club. We had some opportunities to invest in other schemes which would provide us with a better return and also provide much needed services to the club. The actual process with APWireless was very straight-forward, if only we could say the same for the holder of a legal charge on our property. It has really worked for us. I have no hesitation in recommending APWireless to the extent that I’d do the same deal again if I could.

Ian Godfrey, Chairman – Stoke on Trent RUFC

Thackley AFC

Initially, until approached by Steve Evans, we had not really thought about selling the lease of the Telecom tower. After speaking with Steve and needing capital to pay off a brewery loan we decided to sell after agreeing a price. We found the whole experience very professional, Steve Evans was more than helpful in providing assistance where needed. He kept us informed throughout the legal process and explained exactly at what stage the negotiations were at on a regular basis. I was Steve’s main contact and I found him very knowledgeable and easy to work with. The funds generated have paid off a brewery loan and we intend to invest the remainder in the infrastructure of the club. I would certainly recommend APWireless to any other potential clients.

Steve Paley, Treasurer/Trustee – Thackley AFC

St Peters Men’s Club

Tracy at APWireless (UK) proved to be a great person to do business with. She showed an extremely professional attitude with us in dealing with the whole procedure, especially the step by step advice she offered, which aided a prompt result. The benefits of the APWireless deal will work well for our club and I would be happy to share my experience with anyone or Club.

Neil Perrie, President – St Peters Men’s Club

Arlesey Town Football Club

The overall experience with APWireless and particularly with their representative Mark Dernes was pleasant and positive. We had been contacted by other purchasers, however APWireless really seemed to know their stuff and what was important to us as a community football club. The transaction assisted the club in continuing to provide services to the community and members. We would definitely recommend that other organisations like us work with them and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with APWireless.

Emmanuel Cohen, Chairman – Arlesey Town Football Club

Keith Football Club

We found APWireless very helpful threw out the process Tracy was excellent to deal with and keep everyone informed during the process. A joy to do business with and would recommend to anyone in the future.

Andy Troup, Chief Executive – Keith Football Club

Leslie Golf Club

A meeting was arranged with Tom and as many Club members that could be there to consider what options were available and the advantages and disadvantages of changing the lease agreement to APWireless. Tom helped the decision making, with easy to understand figures and information. The process was completed on time with little fuss and we look forward to the future with assurance of a better financial base to take the club forward.

Ian McArthur and Alan McBride Club Secretary and Leslie Golf Club

Kidderminster Golf Club

Kidderminster Golf recently decided to sell the rental of the mast on our property and we have to say it was almost one ‘phone call! APWireless took over all the paperwork and administration and made the whole process quite painless and it took less than a month to complete.

Mike Abraham – Kidderminster Golf Club

Beverley Rugby Union Football Club

Dear Linda,
Thank you very much for all of your efforts in the sale of our phone mast to your company. The work that you put in enabled the smooth sale of the mast. It meant that the steps were easy to follow and with the minimum use of solicitors we got there. This has allowed us to pay our long overdue VAT bill on the land and have some left over for improvements. Many thanks.

Philip Rann BSc(Hons) MBA – Beverley Rugby Union Football Club

Southwell Rugby Union Football Club

A fair and straightforward outfit which does what it says it will do – we are happy to recommend to other sports clubs.

Jeremy Berridge – Southwell Rugby Union Football Club

Long Melford FC

APWireless acted professional and provided great support to us during what was a tricky time and no point did we feel pressured and we now have a new financial model which allows the football club to run more effectively.

Chris Powell, Board of Directors – Long Melford FC
Long Melford

Faversham Town Football Club

Without the capital sum from APWireless we would have been unable to kick start our stadium development plans. So for us the timing couldn’t have been better. Our dedicated contact was extremely helpful and professional and at no time was there any “hard sell” or pressure. Having seen our income from telecoms rentals dwindle over the years we would recommend APWireless to any Club who are looking to get a guaranteed income from their telecom equipment or who need a capital sum.

Eddie Glover, Chairman – Faversham Town Football Club

Hassocks Football Club

The early and relatively trouble-free completion was I think predominantly due to the efforts that Ian put in to understand the Football Club and its workings. This included paying us a pre-season visit to meet me and to see the ground personally, which I am sure helped in the greater scheme of things. If I hear of other local clubs wishing to sell off their mast holdings, I will recommend you as a potential purchaser.

David Knight, Acting Treasurer – Hassocks Football Club

Wyke Green Golf Club

Following completion of this transaction, may I quickly write to thank you for all your hard work in bringing this matter to a successful conclusion.

When the Golf Club first looked at capitalising the rent stream from our mobile telephone masts, we of course looked at all the Companies dealing in this sector of the industry, so as to ensure the best return for our members. We therefore arranged to meet with a number of these Companies, including of course, yourself, from the London Office of APWireless.

There are not many occasions in life where, after one meeting, you know instinctively that this person and this Company will deliver on its’ promises. This was one such occasion. Our trust and confidence in APWireless was certainly not misplaced, leading to a transaction that was always handled with honesty and integrity from start to finish.

It has allowed us to invest in the future of the Golf Club for the next generation.

Andy Heath, Finance, Admin. & Company Secretary – Wyke Green Golf Club

Barry Muscle & Fitness Gym

I met with my APWireless representative in early March, who then reviewed the existing leases and came back with proposed Heads of Terms within 24 hours. Negotiations progressed in a timely manner and agreed within 10 days. Solicitors then instructed and matter completed with cleared funds before Easter. 6 weeks start to finish, couldn’t be happier and I would recommend APWireless to anyone. Their openness and professionalism was second to none.

Guy Sillett – Barry Muscle & Fitness Gym

Forfar Westend Junior FC

APWireless are an excellent company to deal with. The process was made easy by them and we had no problems. We received great customer service from our APWireless representative, who was always available to answer any questions we had and to help us with the details.

Brian Burns – Forfar Westend Junior FC

Taunton Town Football Club

I can highly recommend APWireless as a company. The deal was completed 5 weeks after we accepted an offer and I can not praise my APWireless representative and APWireless highly enough for his professionalism, knowledge and accessibility. Questions were answered quickly, efficiently and always in a courteous manner and nothing was too much trouble. Our Solicitor was also highly complimentary about my APWireless representative and APWireless which is always a positive sign!

Kevin Sturmey, Chairman & Chief Executive – Taunton Town Football Club

St Mirren FC

From initial discussions through to legal completion the experience with APWireless was a positive one. Tracy explained the process clearly and kept the Club up to date with the process throughout. We would definitely recommend APWireless to other football clubs looking to capitalise on any masts within their grounds.

Brian Caldwell, Chief Executive – St Mirren FC

Silksworth Comrades Club

Tom did a presentation in front of approx. 30 members and their questions were comprehensively answered. The members voted to proceed and the process was straightforward. He provided practical advice and APWireless were able to advise and tailor the funding in a manner that suited the club’s needs. We received our funds within the timescales explained and we have maintained a good relationship with APWireless.

Keith Kennedy, Secretary – Silksworth Comrades Club

South Shields National Unionist Workmen’s Club

Following our first conversation through to completion I found APWireless to be exceptionally helpful. Tom communicated the business premise to me in a professional manner and the process following agreement proved straightforward.

Jeffrey Storey – South Shields National Unionist Workmen’s Club
South Shields

Barley Mow Working Mens Club

From the initial correspondence, Tom and APWireless provided all the answers we required to our questions in a clear and concise manner. The deal ran smoothly and worked out perfectly for all the parties involved.
I would not hesitate in recommending APWireless, and Tom in particular, to any business or Club looking for a new business opportunity to assist finance.

Jim Maddison, Secretary – Barley Mow Working Mens Club

Catchgate R.A.O.B. Club

A very beneficial exercise for the Club. Delighted to have dealt with APWireless and Tom Gannucci. Could not have asked for a more professional service which delivered all that was asked. I also found APWireless to be very flexible with their approach.

Ivan Cox, Secretary – Catchgate R.A.O.B. Club

Newtongrange Star FC

I have to admit to being sceptical at first but following Tom’s presentation and willingness to provide the information required to satisfy our Clubs business needs, the process ran smoothly and delivered everything we could have asked for in the timescales offered.

Gordon Stanners, Secretary – Newtongrange Star FC

Whitburn Juniors FC

Tom explained the process to our Committee and outlined the sums that APWireless would be prepared pay. Once we agreed to their proposal, Tom was simple and straightforward to deal with, and delivered exactly what he had promised. Not only did Whitburn FC welcome much needed capital but it was also handled in a very professional manner on a friendly and personal basis.

Ian Sherlock, Secretary – Whitburn Juniors FC
West Lothian

Gilmerton Miners Club

A very worthwhile exercise, the cash injection came at an important time for the Club and we were delighted to have been approached by Tom at APWireless.

Ross Dickson – Gilmerton Miners Club

Parkside Bowling Club

APWireless and Tom Gannucci delivered exactly what they said they would from Day 1. A joy to do business with and would recommend to all.

William Luke, Secretary – Parkside Bowling Club

Cathays WMC

APWireless approach could not have been better timed regarding the potential purchase of our lease with Vodafone. Having lost the revenue from the recently decommissioned H3g installation the Club were fearful of the same thing happening with Vodafone. Discussions with Emyr were clear and open from the outset and the deal has secured the future of the Club.

John Barry, Secretary – Cathays WMC

Grimsby RUFC

APWireless acted quickly, efficiently and professionally in all their dealings with us. We had a dedicated personal point of contact throughout and Gary was happy to come to us as often as we needed him to in order to discuss any questions or concerns. He ensured that the committee all had a good understanding of the matter so that we were able to unanimously agree to do business with APWireless. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with them.

Rich Harrison, Honorary Secretary – Grimsby RUFC

Halfway and District Bowling Club

We found APWireless very helpful when it came to sub-leasing our telecoms mast. We would recommend them to any other landlord looking to do this. They were always available to assist us, answer any questions and they ensured the process was completed smoothly.

Halfway and District Bowling Club

Aspull RFC

Thank you to the APWireless team for their approach, diligence and commitment in securing their tenancy agreement for the mobile mast site at Aspull Rugby Club. Due to bank consent issues, it proved to be frustrating and time consuming for our clubs committee, but credit to the APWireless people they showed patience and tremendous support and eventually with their help the deal was successfully concluded.

Aspull RFC

Llandudno FC

APWireless approached the club at the time we were looking for funding to provide a 3rd generation turf at the club, which will provide improved facilities and the viability of the club. APWireless were upfront and clear at the outset advising on what they could provide. A second offer from a competitor did come on, however APWireless’s offer as a package and personal touch was our preferred bid. They managed the legal process extremely efficiently so that funds were in place as soon as all necessary third party consents were obtained. Furthermore APWireless have offered a sponsorship scheme to the club post completion as such we could not be happier.

Llandudno FC

Hartlepool Rugby Club

The Club held many Committee meetings to discuss ways to increase the Clubs revenue over the long term and decided to do this by extending and renovating parts of the Club. We weren’t aware of APWireless at the time of receiving our Letter from Tom Gannucci therefore we held a meeting with Tom to discuss matters. Tom’s integrity shone through at our meeting as he explained the different options available. The Club has already experienced one of two masts being decommissioned at short notice, therefore all in all the APWireless deal made a lot of sense. We have minimised the risk of the annual rent and taken control of our funds.

Keith Dobson – Hartlepool Rugby Club