Commercial Property Owners

Britannia Mills

We would like to thank you for all the help you gave us with your company’s purchase of our mobile phone mast leases. You went above and beyond by also helping us claim missed lease reviews our agent had not carried out. Thank you for all the emails and phone calls.

John Webley

Plough Hill Road

The process was quite good all in all. There was always an excellent level of communication and professionalism as Paul outlined. I also appreciated your patience in regard to things that may have taken slightly longer such as sourcing images/drawings etc. I would be very happy to work with you again in the future.

Paul Costiff

Colwick Industrial Estate

APWireless have adopted a very professional approach at all times when dealing with the transaction. At no stage did we feel pressured or intimidated as can so often happen when dealing with such matters. The process went smoothly and all parties involved were helpful and accommodating despite various challenges being raised along the way. Tracy was notable for her pleasant manner and ability to overcome issues in relation to the legal process. I am more than happy to have conducted business with them and will consider further sites in the coming months.

Paul Robinson

Grange Estates

Tom and APWireless were known to us having had a proposal and initial discussions a few years previous. Tom followed this up in 2021 with a revised proposal and as our company had shifted focus, we agreed to dispose of our mast site. Throughout both encounters, Tom has been communicative with a personal and professional service. Notwithstanding a few small legal delays, the overall process was straightforward and would recommend Tom and APWireless.

Emily Waddell, Commercial Director – Westerwood Properties

JC Warehouse

As we had taken the decision to emigrate, and felt that dealing with our telecoms lease from distance would be difficult, we contacted Rob at APWireless. The transfer of the lease went through very quickly without a hitch. We would strongly recommend considering APWireless as a means of releasing funds and of transferring aerial leases to a company who have the experience and clout to take on the telecoms companies in the new legislative environment.

Andrew Davy

Leeds House

I have been in communication with Tom for the last 18 months + and he has the patience of a saint! His professionalism and positive attitude is a credit to him. He has been there every step of the way right through to the day of completion and I’m looking forward to working with him on our next project.

Derry McCulloch, PA to Nathan Priestley – Priestley Group

Costons Parade

I cannot recommend highly enough my dealings with Kevin from APWireless. I met Kevin for the first time 5 years ago when APWireless first contacted us. At this time it was not pertinent for us to take up their offer but due to family circumstances when Kevin reached out to me again we decided to proceed. The whole process was extremely quick and easy and any questions or fears we had were quickly responded to and allayed. I can honestly say that having the responsibility of the telecom provider taken off of our shoulders ……. the constant email and phone calls asking for access has been a godsend, especially in this 5G world when access seems to be needed every week. With hindsight our lives would have been easier if we had accepted their offer 5 years ago. Kevin, it was a pleasure working with you!

Lisa Orchard

RPU Group

APWireless have been a pleasure to deal with and Linda has been most helpful and proactive in getting the deal done on mutually agreeable terms.

Philip Upton, Director
Newcastle Upon Tyne

GMI Property

We recently sold our telecoms last investment to APWireless. Linda approached us off market and was extremely professional and friendly throughout the initial negotiations and the subsequent sales process. The contract issues were dealt with efficiently and fairly and I would have no hesitation in recommending Linda and APWireless to anyone looking to sell.

Chris Gilman, Managing Director

LEAP Property Investment Limited

I was made aware of the telecoms code and the risk that this posed to the existing rent located on the roof of our investment property. APWireless offered a guaranteed sum that we have been able to reinvest into other parts of the business. From the initial offer, agreeing heads of terms and throughout the legal process Linda was at hand to answer all queries. I would have no hesitation in recommending APWireless in the future.

David Scallon, Director – LEAP Property Investment Limited

Buzz Bingo

A really great effort to get these three deals completed tonight. It has been a real pleasure working with Kevin and APWireless on this and I hope we can keep in touch.

Peter Willans, Property Director – Buzz Bingo

Kipling Buildings

We had recently had one mast decommissioned and had one remaining. We were unsure as to the impact of the new code on any lease renewal on this mast. Ian from APWireless approached us and explained the benefit of selling the mast to them. As we are investors not speculators we decided to sell the mast site to APWireless for a lump sum. The negotiation and subsequent sale process was speedy and transparent and brought to a successful conclusion. Any issues were effectively and promptly dealt with even post-completion. Therefore I would recommend APWireless to mast landlords as this is an effective vehicle for de-risking the impact of the new code on these sites whilst releasing capital that we have been able to reinvest elsewhere.

Matthew Hill

Argyle Business Centre

Argyle Business Centre was very pleased to work with Linda and APWireless in securing future income for the Telephone Mast erected on our site. Linda provided full explanations and made the transaction very easy. In a very changing market, the APWireless ‘Offer’ removed any uncertainty around the future income of the mast, and enabled Argyle to immediately improve its capital base, and concentrate on expansion. Argyle’s experience was such that we have no hesitation in recommending the services of APWireless in this regard.

Drennan McBride, Chief Officer

Woodlands Investment Management Limited

We approached APWireless directly in regards sale of 2 telecom mast sites and they made a good offer. A very speedy professional sale process – from initial contact through to completion.

Ruth Feltham, Asset Manager – Woodlands Investment Management Limited

Agent to Investor Clients

I act on behalf of a number of investor clients, and recently recommended to a client the disposal of their heritable interest in a Mast site to relieve the commitment of dealing with the telecoms site, which is becoming very difficult to sustain as an investment in light of recent changes in legislation. I was introduced to Tracy of APWireless as they remain willing to pursue the acquisition of such sites in view of the significant extent of their portfolio, which ensures they can bring added leverage to deal with the operators ‘more effectively than smaller investors.
They were excellent to deal with, no issues experienced and from Heads of Terms through to completion provided a seamless service. Clients were delighted with the outcome. I would have no hesitation recommending both Tracy and APWireless should investors seek to dispose of their Mast sites for a reasonable capital return.

Andrew Reilly, Director – Andrew Reilly Associates Ltd

Portsmouth Water

Portsmouth Water had a number of Telecom Mast sites on land in their ownership and, during a review of our land holdings, we opted to dispose of the portfolio. APWireless were approached and offered the opportunity. Throughout the negotiations they were professional in their approach and kept to an agreed timetable for exchange on contracts. We found them easy to deal with and they did what they undertook to do.

Chris Hardyman, Company Secretary – Portsmouth Water Limited

Brownhill Road

As property investors and developers we were satisfied with getting a rent from the telecoms operators lease on our rooftop. However, the approach from APWireless to buy out the telecoms lease proved a good deal as we were able to sell on all the downside risk of rent drop or termination and gain from an up-front cash investment. From our perspective, making use of the funds from the transaction made good business sense, leveraged a relatively risky rental stream into a more valuable capital sum that we could better invest elsewhere. The whole process was carefully and professionally supported by the APWireless team from start to finish. I would recommend property owners and investors to consider taking up the option of selling their telecoms leases to APWireless.

Mandeep Singh Basra, Director – Moor Park Estates Ltd

Havelock House

I was made aware of the changes to the New Telecoms Code, the law that would have serious consequences for landlords with telecoms on their property and I decided that the conditions were right to sell before its value diminished. There were a few years remaining on our lease. Once we agreed terms our deal was concluded within 8 weeks of legal instruction and I am very happy to have removed this item from my portfolio. I will invest the funds into something I can control and without interference from legislation. I would recommend anyone with a mast on their property to speak with APWireless. It is clear they understand telecoms far better than I do. I found Tony acted with great integrity and he was very straightforward to deal with. I would highly recommend them both.

Tony White – For and on Behalf of Anthony White Properties


Waypoint Asset Management focus on investment and Asset management. We specialise in Acquiring and asset managing properties for a number of funds in the retail market. We provide advice to a wide range of investors, developers, occupiers and institutions. In this respect after some dialogue with Tom at APWireless we provided the proprietor of Poundstretcher building in Dunfermline with advice to sell the leases as it was in the best interest. We pride ourselves on professionalism and integrity and I’m pleased to say APWireless did likewise, therefore we are very pleased they were able to meet with our high expectations.

Stuart Scobie, Agent

May Avenue Industrial Estate

Kevin, I am glad we have completed. Thank you for your help. It was important to me to get this sorted.

Sonny Sian, Director – Sian Formwork Ltd

Dillington Estate

After receiving an offer to renew one of our Telecoms Lease’s from the Operator at a significant reduction in annual rent, we did some research into our options moving forward in light of the new Electronic Communications Code. Jess from APWireless provided a valuation of all 3 of our leases and we also explored an option to instruct agents to negotiate on our behalf. Selling the freehold was not something we wanted to do, and we decided the leasehold purchase offer from APWireless offered the best value given the cost and potentially worse outcomes of negotiating the leases directly. Landowners have different priorities, but we would recommend considering APWireless to those looking to cash out before the Code impacts their rent levels.

Dillington Estate

South Tyneside House

Our client was keen to sell their building and we believe that we maximised his income by selling the leases to APWireless separately. Prospective purchasers are primarily interested in the use of the building itself and they will benefit from the telecoms mast lease following the lease expiry with APWireless. APWireless specialist estates team are now managing the telecoms dealings, leaving us to focus on our core activities.

Tamsin Swann, Management Surveyor – Naylors
South Shields

Woodrow Business Centre

We are delighted this has completed. Thank you for your concerted effort over the last couple of months. We can’t recommend APWireless enough. All queries regarding the lease were dealt with in a thorough manner and the sale proceeded through legals quickly – allowing us to realise value in a timely manner. We hope that it’s the first of many!

Joe Green & Andrew Caracciolo – London Green Ltd

Ivor Court II

Just a line to let you know that I was pleased by the smooth and effortless way in which we were able to sell you the rental income that rather unexpectedly arose in our favour on the aerial site that we sold you in 2017. As before the transaction was quickly completed and ensured that we were spared the complications and uncertainties caused to the Industry by the New Digital Economy Act . With best wishes.

Tim Gibson, Director – Durban Estates Limited

Trevol Business Park

I am pleased to say that we have now completed the sale of one of our units to APWireless. The initial negotiations with Jess Howie were quite tough but once we had agreed terms, she made every effort to make sure that the transaction proceeded smoothly and on time. For a small transaction it was quite complicated legally and without her perseverance it could all have taken a very long time. Many thanks to her and her team.

Ivo Hesmondhalgh

Khalsa House

We had spoken with Ged from APWireless for a number of years, and in 2018 we got in touch after receiving rather hostile communication from CTIL (on behalf of Vodafone) seeking a new code agreement at a fraction of the current rental level. In addition to this we also had a need for additional funds, and as such the conditions were right for us having a sensible conversation regarding selling the lease to AP. From the point of re-engaging with Ged, we found him to be very straightforward to deal and acted with great integrity. We concluded our deal within 8 weeks of legal instruction, and were very happy with how everything worked out. We would recommend anyone with a lease and especially those with a lease reaching expiry to reach out to APWireless and see what they can offer.

Terry Blanc

Agent to Commercial Property Investors

As an agent on behalf of a number of investors, the APWireless business model provides an ideal opportunity to maximise the potential income from a commercial building by realising the value of a mast site in the form of an upfront cash payment. This in turn allows my clients’ to reinvest in their building or consider and implement new investments whilst removing the commitment of dealing with the telecoms site which is becoming an increasingly burdensome task in light of recent changes in legislation. Tom is approachable and maintains a constant, clear communications link from agreeing Heads of Terms, throughout the legal process up to delivery of funds, making the whole process seamless. I recently agreed HOT’s with APWireless and a week later we received a notice from the operator that they wished to reduce the rent by over 80%, APWireless kept to the deal despite the huge risk and the sale eventually completed with delighted clients. Having now sold the leases of 10 masts, we are currently exploring further opportunities with APWireless and I would highly recommend them and him.

David Reisner, Managing Director – Davlea Estates

Aldwickbury Farm

APWireless fulfilled its side of the deal, and worked hard to adapt to the nature of our transaction to ensure that it would work for both parties. If concluding a transaction with APWireless suits your business needs then it is well worth exploring options with them; they may well be able to assist you in a positive way.

Sean Connell – Wheathamstead Land Ltd

Queen Victoria House

After finding the re-negotiation of our telecoms leases a difficult and long process with no end in sight, the call from APWireless was a welcome one. Emyr and Andrew at APWireless were extremely easy to deal with. We agreed a lot of the terms within the HOTs which made the final agreement of the lease that much easier. The process from start to finish was smooth and APWireless turned around queries from our solicitors and ourselves very quickly. The money from the deal will enable us to both re-invest in our property and undertake some works to update it and also re-invest in our business towards our development strategy. I would recommend APWireless to other potential clients particularly with the way the Telecoms Act has gone – I now don’t have to deal with any Telecoms Lease renewals for several years!

Rory Dunleavey, Finance Director – Pomroy & Hine Limited

London Road

I would like to put on record my appreciation for your endeavours in closing this matter. In particular, Kevin Povey from the APWireless London office, was very professional and helpful and managed the process as smoothly as possible.

Daniel Selby, Director – Beta Circle Limited
Greater London

Rivernook Farm

Thank you for your continuous efforts on getting the deal over the line. Chris was helpful and informative throughout the process and we look forward to dealing with Chris and APWireless in the future.

Toby Church, Land Buyer – Bellway Homes Limited
South London Division

Muswell Hill

It was a pleasure dealing with Kevin Povey throughout the process of selling our telecoms freehold to AP Wireless. He was straightforward and proactive in making sure that information was provided, agreed timescales were adhered to and did exactly what he promised at the outset. I would not hesitate to deal with him and the team again in the future.

Tim Jackson, Managing Director – SAS Investments

Tyning Road

APWireless promised to deliver and they did. At all times they communicated clearly and proactively to ensure the transaction could be concluded within a finite timescale.

Philip Harcourt, Agent

Vista Tower & Zurich House

Working with APWireless was an absolute pleasure. Christopher Miller managed the process smoothly and very efficiently, always communicating clearly and ensuring that all issues were dealt with quickly and painlessly. I look forward to dealing with Chris again and highly recommend him and APWireless.

Zalman Roth, Agent – One Percent Corp Ltd
Home Counties

Chessington Business Centre

Dear Kevin
We are delighted this has just completed and the funds have been released to us. Can we just put on record that it was a pleasure doing business with you and we are so glad you persisted with us! The funds have allowed us to invest in another project that has the potential to far exceed the income generated by the telecom masts and is much more aligned to our core business. Let us keep in touch and hopefully do some more business in the future.
With Kind regards.

Richard Hunt, Director – Chessington Business Centre

Bromley Road

I have been approached by APW several times in the past, and I was not interested in selling my asset because I liked receiving the regular income they provided. However, when I was contacted by Jacqui and she explained the changes in the new law, my business partner and I decided to review the situation. Although we had just renewed lengthy leases with two Operators we realised both leases had 12 month break clauses in them, so that rent was not guaranteed. By doing a deal with APWireless, we have released equity which can be ploughed back into our core business, which will provide a greater return and with far less risk.
I must say in all the years I have been in property, I don’t think I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with such a professional and charming person. It really was a pain free transaction, something in today’s world that has become a rarity.

Simon Brody – Cube Developments
Greater London

Edward House

From start to finish dealing with Kevin Povey at APWireless was seamless and swift – if only all business transactions were this easy! From first contact with APWireless their knowledge was apparent. Timescales and expectations were met in a professional manner and all queries were met with a thorough explanation. We would certainly recommend APWireless and we will be dealing with them again on another property we own in the near future.

Richard Harriman, Director – Mandale Apartments 3 Limited

Audley House

They are specialists in the telecom mast field and are able to move fairly quickly , on the basis that you have specialist legal representation. Courteous and persistent.

Richard Petersen, Managing Director – Audley House (Berkhamsted) Limited

The Lodge

We found negotiations and discussions to be constructive, logical and purposeful whereby although acting for a purchaser, we found Mr Miller to be understanding of our needs as a landlord and the constraints we faced in respect to landlord and tenant legislation.


A private family Estate

APWireless purchased two overriding leases over radio masts on the Estate, which suited an internal restructuring exercise. From the initial approach and proposal of terms, the two deals were completed quickly and efficiently thanks to very clear communication, an excellent legal team and an ability and determination to get the transactions done. We would have no hesitation in recommending Christopher Miller and APWireless.

Home Counties

Matchams Park Stadium & Leisure Park

Seamless transaction, great return on our investment and dealing with Jacqueline Naudi was the icing on the cupcake.

Frank Phillips – Phillips Consult

Ivor Court

Dear Tony, I was pleased to receive your email. During the process you were at all times helpful and proactive and I am glad that we were able to complete before the year end. Negotiations were professional and friendly. I would recommend APWireless to others who were thinking of selling. Thank you for your friendly and warm engagement throughout. Yours sincerely

Tim Gibson, Director – Durban Estates Limited

Caledonia Backpackers

We are happy to have concluded the transaction in December as planned, being involved with many businesses we recognised the value in the APWireless offer and happy that Tom and Ged delivered as stated. We have plans to reinvest into a project which is significant to our business, therefore, value and timing of delivery were crucial parts of the transaction. We are pleased to confirm all progressed as planned. I would recommend your company to anyone considering selling their mast.

David Orr, Director – Waugh Investments Ltd

Group Portfolio

We recently completed the sale to APWireless of a significant portfolio of telecom sites held within the Group. APWireless was excellent to deal with from start to finish. They have an excellent team including their own in-house solicitor. When both parties have the same objective and dedicated points of contact it really ensures that things get done. I have no hesitation in recommending APWireless as a company who know their business and cut to the chase from the outset.

David L Walker FRICS FIQ, Chartered Surveyor

Fulmor Limited

We are very grateful to APWireless for opening up funding opportunities from our telecoms mast. This will facilitate our other businesses, therefore, we are grateful to APWireless to help us achieve our goals. We’ve known Tom through our mast dealings for years, he is very professional and we’ve been aware of the APWireless business premise for some time, but the timing now suited us and our business matters perfectly.

Rodger Morrison, Director – Fulmor Limited

Hollyhill Wood Industrial Estate

Emyr is a very professional and a pleasure to deal with. He keeps you informed at every turn and is always accessible via email or phone. This is the second transaction I have completed with APWireless and look forward to the next!

Richard Franklin, Franklin Gallimore

Waltham Estates (LDN) Limited

We have completed a number of transactions with APWireless the latest being a CTIL rooftop lease located in Walthamstow in East London. Kevin Povey from the London office of APWireless dealt with the sale from start to finish and I always felt we were in safe hands. All telecom leases have a number of risks associated with them – selling the interest to APWireless takes away all the risk and ensures the future of this important building.

Dal Sanger – Waltham Estates (LDN) Limited

Saffron Walden Water Tower

APWireless acquired a former listed Water Tower from my clients which was an unusual sale transaction. The Company dealt with the matter professionally and pragmatically throughout the sale process. When complications arose, as they so often do with property transactions, APWireless dealt with them in a sensible and non-contentious manner which enabled both parties to work together to ensure a successful exchange and completion.

Ian Wickerson MRICS – Bidwells

Trans-Britannia Properties Limited

Tom at APWireless (UK) Ltd was instrumental in the smooth running of our telephone mast disposal. Once Tom explained the benefits and how straightforward the whole process would be we felt it was the best choice for our business as it presented an opportunity to maximise the value of the whole site. We’re very happy with the whole process and the outcome and would not hesitate to involve Tom with any future disposal/acquisitions we may have.

Guy Botha, Asset Manager – Trans Britannia Properties Ltd
Newcastle upon Tyne

Cambray Court

We completed a transaction with APWireless in December 2015 and found them to be extremely professional and efficient. Shortly after we completed our deal, the operator unexpectedly decided not to renew their lease and advised that they intend to vacate the telecoms site. It is unfortunate that APWireless have lost this particular rent but we believe that is why they are investing on such a large scale in order to offset against these kind of losses. Naturally we are glad that we sold the rent when we did as it is apparent that these telecommunication sites are risky and uncertain assets.

Darren Pither, Grays Inn Estates Limited

The Southborough Centre

We would strongly urge and recommend that any individual, Company or Association who have a mast on their property/premises and are considering capitalising their mast rental income, speak with A P Wireless. They were true to their word and the deal was executed within six weeks of the offer without any fuss or changes to the original offer. A particularly big thank you to Kevin Povey at their London office.

Michael Churchward – The Southborough Centre
Tunbridge Wells

Windmill Road

As the transactions between our two companies are now complete, I would like to say that it was a pleasure to do business with you and your company. You have kept to your word and the time frame agreed between both parties. I would have no hesitation in recommending you in the future.
Please feel free to call on me if the occasion arises.

Alex Falk

Kemsley LLP

Kemsley LLP recently worked with Ian of APWireless in the sale of the telecommunications rights / leases at Cater House, Chelmsford – a landmark former office building that has recently been converted to residential accommodation.

Tim Collins, Kemsley LLP was pleased to have worked with Ian “acting for the vendor Kemsley LLP we were instructed to source a party potentially interested in purchasing the telecoms rights / leases at Cater House; having recently purchased and converted the building to residential our client was keen to maximise his return through the sale of the telecoms rights / leases located on the building’s roof. Ian was my first call / email on the matter; terms for the sale / transfer being subsequently agreed shortly thereafter. Ian ensured that APWireless purchase proceeded quickly and to a satisfactory conclusion for all parties. I have subsequently recommend APWireless to the rest of my Team and look forward to more transactions in due course.

Tim Collins, Kemsley LLP

Kingscrown Properties Limited

APWireless have been a pleasure to deal with. We will certainly be looking for other sites that would be mutually beneficial.

Daniel Pollock – Kingscrown Properties Limited

Tallyspace Limited

In respect of the recent transaction at Pride Hill House, may we put on record how we found your company to be very efficient and professional to deal with. Once a decision was made the transaction was smooth and easy.

Alex Barnett – Tallyspace Limited

MD Central Books Ltd

APWireless have removed the uncertainty for us of handling a number of mobile masts on our building in east London. Allowing us to get on with running the business we see as our core concern. Their offer was clear and competitive. With their expertise and stronger position in the mobile market they might even find new customers where we can share further benefits for our business.

Bill Norris – MD Central Books Ltd

Mayfield Industrial Estate

We would be more than happy to recommend APWireless. From start to finish, we received a helpful and professional service from Tom who was able to answer any questions and guide us though the process. Initially we thought the deal may involve time and effort on our part however the whole process was simple and completed within excellent timescales.

Ron Boyd Group – Mayfield Industrial Estate

Smeaton Industrial Estate

Upon sending a copy of our lease and rent remittance, APWireless allowed us to turn our plans into reality without any fuss. Following our successful dealings with APWireless, we have maintained good relationships with Tom.

Richard Black – Smeaton Industrial Estate

Parsons House

As an agent on behalf of a number of investors, the APWireless business model provides an ideal opportunity to maximise the potential income from a commercial building and consider further investments which don’t carry the ambiguities of a mast site. Excellent communications with Tom from agreed Heads of Terms to delivery of funds made the whole process seamless. We are currently exploring further opportunities with APWireless and I would highly recommend him.

Parsons House

Station Lane Industrial Estate

I was exploring business opportunities abroad and took advantage of the APWireless offer to help turn an opportunity into reality. We had previously accepted a reduction in rent proposed by the operator who advised there has been a downturn in the telecoms market. We therefore accepted a cash offer on the basis of securing a less vulnerable return on our investment abroad. I found Tom to be very customer driven and a pleasure to work with.

S Blythe – Station Lane Industrial Estate

Block Management UK Limited

We were approached by APWireless in order for them to purchase a lease over our roof space, where we have 2 masts installed, on a London block that we manage. The offer was very reasonable and our clients accepted this. APWireless and their solicitors provided a 1st rate service regarding the new lease and payment was as prompt as promised at the outset.

Jaqui Greene, Director – Block Management UK Limited

Ultrabrook Limited

We recently completed the leasehold sale of two East London rooftop telecommunications sites to APWireless. We were very pleased with both the professional and courteous response, to all our queries and concerns and the sales completed within the given timescales, allowing us to plan our business accordingly. We would have no hesitation in recommending APWireless to any other companies in a similar position.

Dal Sanger – Ultrabrook Limited

Steve Conlay – Upminster

I would very much like to thank both APWireless and my APWireless representative for such a professional service. Both pricing and negotiating terms was smooth and problem free. My APWireless representative is clearly an asset to the company as he was always available to answer any questions or related matters. I thank him and APWireless once again and would have no hesitation in recommending them, and dealing with them further in the future.

Steve Conlay – Upminster

Barstaple Service Industrial Area

APWireless are easy to deal with and my deal went through without a hitch. I certainly intend to deal with APWireless again in the future.

Alan Gershlick – Barstaple Service Industrial Area