Case Study – Elizabeth Barber – Newbridge Farm, U.K.

When Ms. Elizabeth Barber, a property owner from Chichester was approached by APWireless, she was initially hesitant of entering a deal due to the niche-nature of APWireless’ business model. However, after an initial conversation with an APW Acquisitions Director, she realised that she could do much more with the lump sum APWireless offered,  than with the monthly payment that she was receiving from the mobile network operator.

As Ms. Elizabeth Barber explains, “I’m usually very dubious about strange contracts and things like that, but I received APWireless’ letter and out of curiosity, opened it. I got in touch with APWireless and it went on from there. The Acquisitions Director explained everything to me and gave me time to think about it. Once we started the process, it all went through so quickly and easily that there were no real concerns about the deal at all.”

When asked about the benefits of making a deal with APWireless, Ms. Barber has it very clear: “The monthly payment I received from the operator hardly amounted to anything. What APWireless was offering was a large sum that enabled me to finally visit my daughter and her family in New Zealand for Christmas, after seven years of not seeing them.”

“The rent that I was getting before slipped through my fingers. I spent it on little things that are not significant. The deal with APWireless meant so much more. It meant I could see my daughter.”

For Ms. Barber, the deal with APWireless was perfect. “The decision was mine, and it was a no-brainer. In my case, APWireless were very easy to get along with, very professional and kind. They didn’t push me or rush me in any way. I highly recommend working with APWireless.”

As far as the specifics of the lease, it’s definitely helpful to understand the ins and outs of it so the landlord can get the most benefit from it. In this case, Ms. Barber adds, “Everything went so smoothly and the Acquisitions Director was so professional and efficient, and approachable. The way he dealt with everything made it easy for me. Everything was so quick and easy!”