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Cows vs. bots: Farms stand to lose cash from telecom masts

Europe’s agriculture industry fears income drop as new rules would reduce costs to put mobile masts on fields… Read More

Land providers in the context of the European Commission’s planned Gigabit Infrastructure Act

In February 2023, the European Commission published the draft Gigabit Infrastructure Act (GIA), a regulation designed to replace the Broadband Cost Reduction Directive (BCRD) of 2014, with the aim… Read More

The 3G Switch Off: What Does It Mean?

UK mobile network operators are switching off their 3G UK networks as part of a broader strategy to enhance and future-proof mobile services across the UK. In some areas of the country the network operators have already begun switching off parts of their 3G networks… Read more

Vodafone accelerates 5G deployment in the UK thanks to Ericsson’s single antenna technology

New interleaved Ericsson antenna integrated radio (AIR 3218) to be deployed by Vodafone in the UK, bringing Massive MIMO for 5G mid-band while supporting low bands in a single compact antenna… Read More

Vodafone and Three agree UK merger to create biggest mobile player worth £15bn

The companies move to woo competition regulators by promising £11bn of 5G investment if the tie-up is allowed… Read More

People stuck paying for subscription services they did not realise they had signed up to

Gloria Hunniford, Julia Somerville and Angela Rippon meet the people who say they have been forking out thousands for subscription services that they did not realise they had signed up to…. Read More

BT warns of growing Cellnex influence

BT Group warned the potential for Cellnex to increase its stronghold over the UK market could damage competition, lead to higher prices and impact services… Read More

£5,500 rent slashed to £3.50 – fury over phone masts deals

Farmers are accusing telecoms companies of abusing a code of practice to force down rents paid to Welsh landowners to site mobile phone masts on their land… Read More

The unstoppable march of the masts

Most of us want it both ways. We are keen, often desperate, to get improved mobile coverage. At the same time, we don’t want our precious landscapes scarred by ugly and alien structures. Reconciling the two will always be tricky. However, a little-known piece of legislation called the Electronic Communications Code (EC code) tips the balance… Read More

Landowners fight back over phone masts after 90pc rent cuts

Landowners are launching a campaign against phone firms after being forced to accept rent cuts of 90pc or more for mobile masts on their properties.

The Protect & Connect lobby group is seeking to reform a 2017 law which slashed the amount landlords are paid in a bid to make it cheaper for phone firms to set masts up, with the aim of improving patchy signal in rural areas.

At least 25,000 small site owners have been stung by the cuts including cricket clubs, churches and farmers, campaigners said…Read More

The Good, the Bad and Disclosure – Arqiva Services Ltd v AP Wireless II (UK) Ltd

A new decision has been made by the Upper Tribunal (“UT”) relating to the Electronic Communications Code (“Code”) dealing with two preliminary issues. Those issues were:… Read More

EE to pay Dunley pensioner £300 – not £4,500 – for mast in garden

A PENSIONER has reluctantly signed a deal with EE to have a permanent 20-metre-high phone mast in his back garden… Read More

Mast warning issued to British farmers ahead of 5G network rollout

Rollout of 5G could accelerate telecoms operators looking to use land without paying farmers and landowners the prices they may have received in the past… Read More

Telecom Giants Push For 5G But At What Cost To Farmers?

The UK Government’s push to increase mobile phone coverage across Wales has hidden, and potentially expensive, side effects for farmers, according Farmers’ Union of Wales… Read More

First judgment out on value under Electronic Communications Code

The Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) has issued a long-awaited decision on the meaning and effect of the consideration and compensation provisions in the 2017 Electronic Communications Code… Read More