Individuals & Business Owners

Alexander House

A North-West residential developer client acquired a building with an existing telecoms lease on the roof. This was something they were eager to dispose of and have professionally managed. Having dealt with AP Wireless on other transactions I was glad to know they were interested in acquiring this site, and that they were happy to pay a premium. The transaction was not without its complications; however these were all swiftly and professionally dealt with. APW again demonstrated their ability to transact business in a straightforward pragmatic manner and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to investors with assets to sell.

Robert Hyatt

3-9 Kingston Road

I have a property in Portsmouth with a telecoms site on the roof. Given the turmoil in the market, this seemed like a good time to cash out. I was pleased that APWireless worked with me to get to the figure which I was after. Both APWireless and Ian were a pleasure to deal with and they delivered on what they said. Communication was always excellent. I’d recommend any landlord who has a telecoms site to at least look at a proposal to see what can be achieved.

Paul Modestou

Burlington Mansions

It was a pleasure dealing with Ian and APWireless. They were always available to discuss any issues and work with us to get the deal done. I would definitely recommend them.

Christine Mandeville

Stoneyford Barn

Because of the change in legislation, the operators were making noises about dropping the rent which obviously I wasn’t happy with. Whilst ideally, I would have preferred to retain the site at the previous rent indefinitely that was no longer feasible and a sale of the mast to APWireless seemed like the much better choice. I’m happy with how it all went through and would advise anyone else with a mast to go with them as it’s a much better option than what you are likely to receive directly from the operators.

Tony Ellis

Newcastle Castle Centre

We’ve had many years collecting rent for our telecoms mast, although we are aware of the current and impending changes in the telecoms market, therefore we decided the time was right for us to diversify and sell our mast lease to APWireless. APWireless has been great to deal with. In completing the sale, the money has given us the ability to consider other investments and with the added ability to split and invest as much or as little as we see fit, to ensure we can use our money as we want.

Mehboob Dad

Hillsborough Road

I’ve found APWireless to be extremely helpful and accommodating. The change in legislation makes these deals difficult for landlords to accept, but you’ve been patient, helpful and we have appreciated your manner.

David Cumins

Ipswich Road

I have dealt with APW on a number of occasions and have always found them to be professional from the start. I felt the offer was particularly generous considering what is happening in the telecoms market at this time. The lease was swiftly agreed, and once consents were gained, we quickly moved to completion. I was very happy to work with them and would readily do so again.

Chris Laney, Partner & Chartered Surveyor

Cage Wood

I would like to say what a pleasure it was dealing with APWireless and especially Chris. Not only did APWireless keep to their word, they were also very speedy and efficient. They also spoke to me in person, which for my generation counts for a lot. Let’s hope that with the money I have just received, I can bring a little more happiness into this world.

Richard Beaugie

North Road Industrial Estate

One of our clients is a property developer who knows his market and sought our advice on his telecoms mast as we have a diverse range of people and vast expertise in this field. Value is key to our clients and we have worked closely with Tom at APWireless to ascertain the best type of solution for many of our clients who have a telecoms mast on their grounds. We have concluded a number of mast lease sales with APWireless which have all worked well and efficiently. We will continue to explore business strategies with Tom where appropriate.

George White, George F White Agents
Berwick upon Tweed

DWs Field

I have known of APWireless for a number of years now and with the operators pressuring Landlords to accept lower rents or face potential court battles I felt like now would be the right time to sell. They made me a great offer which I was very pleased to accept and the entire process took just over two months to complete. I have been very happy to work with them and would recommend them to any other telecoms landlords especially with the operators currently being so unreasonable now.

Dave Whaite

Wheeler House

We can say with conviction that Tom was great to have on the other side of our transaction to sell the lease of our mast. He demonstrated straight forward transparency and a willingness to help with information throughout in a timely and knowledgeable manner. We would highly recommend giving every consideration to entering into a business transaction with APWireless.

Dawn Wright
Houghton le Spring

Walkers Nurseries

As a family business it is very important that we make the right decisions in regards to our assets and finances. When we investigated the recent law change that granted the operators their new and far reaching powers it became evident that this would create big problems for us in the future. The decision to sell to APWireless was an easy one for us to make as it was the choice between a known sum now or a big risk further down the line. APWireless did everything they said they would, we were happy to work with them and would do so again without hesitation. As a minimum I would advise anyone with a mast on their land to hear them out as to ignore what they have to say would be a mistake.

James Bodle

West Challoch Farm

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It has been a pleasure doing business with your company and I wish you lots of profit from the mast. It has served us well. Tracy has gone above and beyond her duty to be helpful. I would like to count her a friend. I cannot speak too highly of her. With her dealing with your customers, you cannot fail to do well.

Maureen Murphy

Baltic Works

After considering a number of times over the years selling our mast leases it became more and more obvious the time to sell was now with the advent of the new telecommunications act and the prospect of difficult and drawn out negotiations and the potential of land tribunals with unknown consequences. As a private operator we felt we just did not have the negotiating power. APWireless were always going to be the chosen partner for us and the transaction and the legals were handled timeously with no complications. I would strongly recommend the time to sell is now and APWireless are the perfect partner to enable that to happen.

Malcolm Moir, Chairman – Halley Stevenson Ltd

Sladburys Farm

I was delighted to hear that the sale on Sladburys completed earlier this week. Many thanks to Tony for his assistance in getting this one over the line. Despite it being testing at times, Tony has always had a positive can do attitude in getting matters completed. It was helpful to have a good rapport with him, so we could discuss issues and feed them back to our appropriate solicitors. I have to say that dealing with APWireless has been a pleasure.

Chris Leney MRICS FAAV REV, Agent

Birdwood Coppice

Just a line to express our thanks to you in the acquisition process by yourselves for our site. We found ourselves being offered by the operator less than 10% in rental on a proposed lease renewal after 18 years as landlord to them. APWireless coincidentally had expressed interest in purchasing same and within 7 weeks the deal has been done. It was all quite straightforward and you took care of our needs and were helpful and attentive.

Thanks again.

John & Jan Allan – James Constance & Sons Ltd

Langmuir Road

APWireless and our contact there Tracy were very professional and straight to the point but maintaining a friendly atmosphere at the same time. One of the best companies I have ever dealt with. Our deal was made easy.

Graham Wylie, Director – Andrail Limited

Ross Road

I found APWireless true to their word and I would recommend them to potential clients.

David Palmer

Derrycor Road

Linda at APWireless offered me a fair and honest deal. The operator at the time had threatened to reduce my rent drastically. The best decision was made to take the offer from APWireless and avoid the reduced rent offer.

Roy Greenaway

Linx House

I found the communication from APWireless excellent. They fulfilled all the promises. Payment and completion were swift and as promised.

Douglas Wadham

Yearhaugh Wood

In order to obtain the best and most appropriate offer for our lease, we agreed a long term payment plan. After protracted and helpful discussions with Tom, we found APWireless to be most flexible and accommodating. Even though we had a few years left on the lease, we decided to sell because of the uncertainties surrounding the potential weakening of the eventual renewal offer, bearing in mind the new Electronic Communications Code. The whole process was smooth, efficient and did not take as long as expected.

Derek Noble

High Scrogg Farm

APWireless simplified our finances which will allow us to get started with much needed plans for our land. This will save us time, money and allow us greater quality of life in the long run which could not be done with the rent received for our mast. We are grateful for Tom and our solicitor’s efforts getting this completed in a short space of time.

Jackie & Eddie Stott

Mayfair Nursing Home

I first met APWireless several years ago and we decided not to accept the initial offer as it didn’t fit with our plans at the time. However as time progressed, the operator told us that they would review our lease at quite a substantial rent if they could upgrade the site but once they had completed the upgrade, they completely reneged on their offer and tried to forcefully drop our rent to a fraction of what it was. Rob from APW had told me that this is likely what they would do but we had believed the operator would honour what they said they would do, they didn’t. APWireless were incredibly helpful and understanding and whilst the offer at that point was lower than what we were initially offered, we were still more than happy to sell to them as we felt it was the best way to gain value from the site. I would recommend APWireless to anyone and the only regret I have is that we didn’t accept the initial offer years ago.

A G Prada, Managing Director


When I initially considered whether or not I should continue the existing arrangement I had with the telecoms providers I found that it was not straightforward and there were a number of issues that needed to be taken into account. Having been approached by Emyr on behalf of APWireless he was able to explain and clarify the situation to enable me to weigh up the pros and cons and come to a reasoned decision to grant the lease. The process involving the land exchange became more complicated than it should have been due to the actions of other parties which led to a prolonged and frustrating process. Throughout it all Emyr was very supportive and proactive in trying to bring matters to conclusion. Above all I had trust and confidence in him on which I place considerable value. His professionalism, commitment and patience is highly commendable and I came to regard him as a friend.

Pip Higgins

Stainton Way

Our clients have had a mast on their grounds for 20 years and with our advice on the market and new legislation they felt the time was right to obtain the best deal for them with APWireless. The deal completed with ease, our clients are delighted and we feel we have provided them with an option which suits them perfectly. As such we’re grateful Tom kept in touch and this option was available to our clients.

Robert Jauneika MRICS FAAV, Chartered Surveyor – H&H Land and Property

Greywell Estate

We had a mast which was coming up for lease renewal negotiations under the new code. Fortunately Ian from APWireless approached us and we agreed to grant them a lease agreement. We agreed this on the basis of an upfront premium of the rental income for the mast and Ian and his office were very straight forward and easy to deal with. I would recommend anyone with telecom masts to approach APWireless especially in view of the new Electronic Communications Code that is depressing rents considerably and making negotiations increasingly harder and in the operators favour.

Paul Tory, Landlords Agent

Minfield Farm

During the deal we made where Emyr was acting as the agent for the purchasers we found Emyr to be helpful, clear concise and professional throughout the sale process . His attention to detail meant everything was done swiftly and efficiently.

Heather Gwillim

Culver Farm

The last few years have been a tremendous strain to our lives and health. We were unable to move forward with no conclusion in site renegotiations regarding renewing lease terms. The Feeling of being out of control, having worked and planed for our family and their inheritance with the threats of the court action. From the first telephone call with Ian from APWireless and subsequent meeting, we couldn’t have been more pleased with the help we received from Ian and his team who kept us informed on every aspect of the transaction. Having concluded a leasehold transaction of our mast with APWireless, we would have no hesitation of recommending them to any mast owners who are having any problems in negations with telecom operators.

Martin & Bonita Ryan


Emyr, great to conclude our deal at last. Many thanks for all your efforts and from the initial contact you made two years ago, I’m glad our persistence and regular updates paid off.

Phil Kinchin

Coach House Aberdeen

I was approached by APWireless to sell our mast site on one of our properties. We have been approached many times over the years but with the offer that was presented we made the decision to sell. We found Tracy at APWireless easy and approachable to deal with and the deal was complete with no major issues. I would have no hesitation in recommending APWireless in the future.

Gary Norman, Director – Fieldmont Ltd

Brockhurst Wood

Whilst acting under legal power of attorney for an elderly relative who owned a telecoms mast site in the Home Counties, I contacted Chris of APWireless to explore the various options. He was both helpful and informative, suggesting various scenarios without forcing a decision in any particular direction. It was decided that an outright sale of the site would be the best option, but things became complicated when my relative died, and the telecoms mast site became part of an estate under probate. From this point, Chris had to deal, not only with the executors of the estate, but also different solicitors and their colleagues concerned with conveyancing, valuations, probate and even access issues. To his credit, he managed to steer the deal to a satisfactory conclusion in a timely and professional manner. I would recommend a consultation with Chris to anyone that owns a telecoms mast site in the London/South East area and is wanting to consider the options available to them.

R. Gripp

Culver Park Nurseries

We would like to thank Ian and all his Team. From our first meeting we could not have been more pleased with the help and professionalism. Ian kept us informed on every aspect of the transaction to completion. We have no hesitation of recommending APWireless to any mast owners who are having problems in negotiations with Telecom Operators. It has been a pleasure to work with Ian and the Team.

Martin, Bonita & Sheldon Ryan


I enjoyed working with Tom at APWireless over the past five months. I appreciate that it has been a difficult time due to probate, and that APWireless have been most helpful and considerate in the way that they have dealt with my grieving client. It was the one ray of sunshine in this time of gloom. Being told by Telecom operators that her annual rental was to be reduced to £150 pa, adding to the loss of her Husband , left her in an extremely tight financial situation. However APWireless’ generous offer enabled her to get through this very difficult time. Thank for the help and wish APWireless every success with the future business.

Gawin Holmes – Holmes I Gawin Land Agents Ltd

Powell Transport

Emyr, thank you, it was a pleasure to meet you and doing business with you. I found the process really easy and knew I only had to ring you if I needed any help with anything, which we didn’t! All the best for the future. Many thanks and kind regards.

Elaine Powell

Reservoir House

Emyr, please can I take this opportunity to thank you for all your help, guidance, and above all your patience. I’m sure many many people would have given up, I mean 2 years is a long time to put up with me but you did. If we ever buy another property with a phone mast (but we won’t) I would have no hesitation contacting you and APWireless again . Thank you once again for everything.

Bill Williams


I would like to take this opportunity in thanking you all for all your advice and expedite conclusion to our recent dealings with my aerial lease at the above property. At the outset of our discussions a new law was introduced that would eventually have a detrimental effect on the future value of my last income. Your proposal was presented to my business advisors, who once they looked into the New Code advised me to extract myself from this impending legal quagmire and let the industry professionals get on with it. We agreed to sell to APWireless. Once we instructed our solicitors the legal process was efficient and to time. I would recommend any individual landlord thinking of selling to contact Tony. He was at all times helpful, open, and available. As I discovered the new telecoms code is there for the benefit of the operators and not individuals like me. Good luck to APWireless.

Caroline Frank

Tattykell Road

I got in touch with Linda at APWireless after receiving communication from the operator wishing to renew under the new code. The rent offered was a fraction of what we were currently receiving. Linda was professional and very easy to deal with. The deal was carried out in a timely fashion and I would not hesitate to recommend working with APWireless in the future.

Bert Rea
County Tyrone

The Barns

Although it was a long drawn out process mainly because of hold up on our side by the mortgage company we found Emyr handled the process very well and was constantly in touch to let us know the progress.

Richard & Debbie Kowalski

Round Green Farm

Being aware of the likely reduction in rental values I was interested when approached by APWireless offering to buy my lease. Weighing up the pros and cons I decided to investigate their proposal. A change of personnel at APW meant that after an initial hiccup at the start I was introduced to Rob who took the matter to conclusion in a very professional manner.

Richard Elmhirst

Panteg Farm

With regards to the recent purchase of my freehold mast site by APWireless, the purchase was handled professionally by Oliver, who ensured that the whole process was completed quickly and efficiently. I was not inclined to sell the site originally, but having been made aware of the provisions of the new telecoms code, I decided that it did make sense to sell the site at this time – so thank you.

Anthea Lister
West Wales

Timber Supplies

I am a successful local businessman currently supplying the North East with Timber Supplies. I have run various companies over the years and am well aware when to reap dividends from a business and this includes the mast I have on my grounds. New legislation can have a cutting effect on a market and it is my view that we are at the beginning of a similar situation with mast rents. I have had the pleasure of meeting Tom at APWireless who provided me with the relevant facts and figures. After making a few enquiries, I agreed to deal with APWireless and feel it has been a great decision.

Stan Nelson

Home Hill Barn

Jess approached us initially to purchase the income stream on our mast and advise of the changes the Government had made to the Electronic Communications Code and its impact on future rentals. We had heard there were changes and decided to explore all the options on the table before moving forward. With just over 2 years left of our lease, we understood the rights the Operator had on our rent levels and the difficulty of removing them if we so wished. We sourced further advice from an Agent and decided releasing the value of the mast would be more cost effective than an inevitable dispute over future rentals. The transaction was completed in line with our expectations and are satisfied with the outcome for ourselves to put the capital to good use and expand our business.

Steve and Karen Matthews – SHM Automotive Ltd

Woodbank Farm

Our experience working with APWireless has been problem free. We were helped every step of the way by Mr. Tabor. Everything was very straight forward and all our questions were answered quickly and politely. The completion date was sooner than we anticipated. We would certainly recommend APWireless to anyone who is thinking of doing business with them in the future.

James Bell


Having bought the land in 2016 as an investment and to provide an endless supply of logs for my wood burners, I was approached by APWireless on a few occasions in 2018 about selling the income stream. Initially I said no as was receiving a good ROI but with the advent of the new Code, I felt it right from a purely investment view to sell the long leasehold of the mast land while retaining the freehold of the surrounding woodland for the benefit of my children. Negotiating with Stuart Dale was efficient and the deal went through in a short period, with completion taking place on my birthday.

David Williamson-Jones
Middle Wallop

Elmore Lane

I had many good years collecting rent for my mast but I was aware times were changing. Therefore I chose to sell it to APWireless and reinvested the capital into an asset I now own. I’m very happy with the opportunity to help fund my long term asset. My dealings with Tom at APWireless have been very professional and is still in touch.

Frederick Lonsdale
Houghton le Spring

Thomas Armstrong (Holdings) Limited

Timing is key in many aspects in life. APWireless removes the risks associated with the new legislation and provides an opportunity to invest and consider new adventures that’s not possible with a rent. Following my first meeting with Tom we held off for a bit to consider our options and went ahead when the time was right for us. I understand the market has changed significantly as a result of the new legislation and we’re very grateful for APWireless progressing both sites to fruition. We are in full control of our funds. Many thanks for the opportunity.

Paul Armstrong, Financial Director/Company Secretary

Tiffany Stables

As an owner of a successful riding stables I was looking into various ways of raising finance for ongoing projects on the farm, when I was informed by a friend about APWireless. Through a swift email via their helpful website I was introduced to Ged, who explained to me the whole process, and the likely valuation the mast could attribute. There was never any pressure, and all interactions were friendly and professional. All expectations made were met, and funds were gratefully received within 4 weeks of agreeing Terms. I would fully recommend anyone looking and making the most from their telecoms mast to speak with Ged and APWireless.

Elaine Newton

Leigh Delamere House

I worked with Jess on the sale of my Client’s site at Leigh Delamere and found the process straight forward from start to finish. The Vodafone lease had expired in 2017 and was subject to the terms on the new Electronic Communications Code. We came to an agreement to sell the mast on to APWireless to manage lease negotiations going forward and to release the guaranteed capital for my client. Overall the process lined up with the expectations set by Jess and my client received the monies in under 8 weeks from instruction. I would recommend both Jess and APWireless to other clients looking for a similar outcome especially considering the hostility of the telecoms market at present.

Christopher Jerram, Partner – Carter Jonas

W & S Waste Management

We have recently concluded on a Freehold sale of the mast site on our property to APWireless. There were tight deadlines in place in order to complete in a timely manner and APWireless kept to their word and we closed the transaction within these timescales. At all times we were kept up to date on progression and it was dealt with in a very professional manner by Ian and I would have no hesitation in recommending APWireless in the future.

Ian Squires

Higher Hawksland Farm

We were approached by APWireless in respect of the telecoms mast that we have on our land. We spoke with Ian who arranged to come and meet with us and explained the proposal in a clear and easy to understand way. After meeting with Ian we decided to enter into a leasehold agreement with APWireless and this allowed us to release the idle equity that was tied up in the mast for us to use to develop our holiday letting business and financially secure us for the future. It was a pleasure to work with Ian who kept us up to speed with all the developments throughout the process right up to completion. We would not have any hesitation in recommending APWireless to anyone.

Phil & Joanne Barber
St Issey

Staincross Common

Steve first contacted me in approximately 2012 with regard to two masts on my site. The Vodafone lease had expired in 2010, the lease had already expired when Steve contacted, he warned me that there could be a risk of decommissioning due to site sharing and potential rent deductions. I thought at the time that he was scaremongering. However he was right because after five years of fruitless negotiations with Vodafone on a new lease they decommissioned the mast in approximately 2015. Throughout all this time Steve kept in touch with me, “Not too pushy but persistent.” With my dealings with Steve with regards to the sale of the Arqiva lease and the part of land, I found him trustworthy and honest with me. It was a pleasure to do business with him on behalf of APWireless. I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone APWireless and Steve and I hope we can do business together in the near future. To sum up in numbers rather than words, to APWireless and Steve Evans, 10 out of 10.

Peter Driver

Hartwoodburn Farm

As a businessman on both sides of the border, an important goal of mine is having as much certainty as practically possible. The APWireless model provided this for me in respect of my mast site. My rent was constantly being challenged by the operator and given the niche area of telecoms which is constantly changing, I felt that APWireless were in a better position to deal with site. It allowed me to take the upfront cash payment from APWireless to reinvest in less risky areas. I had a couple legal issues from when I originally invested in the telecoms site, but this didn’t deter APWireless. In fact they were more than happy to work with me in order to rectify those issues so that we could conclude our transaction albeit the issues I encountered took an extraordinary amount of time to resolve. My dealings with APWireless were predominantly conducted through their representative Tom Gannucci who was extremely helpful, professional and understanding of the difficulties I was facing in trying to achieve a conclusion on the site. l would have no reservations whatsoever in recommending both APWireless and Tom to any prospective future client.</p?

John Nixon

Eglantine Farm

Thanks for all your help regarding the lease and the work required to get to completion, very much appreciated.

Michael Edge – Equiom Group

Witcar Works

Our deal with Rob at APWireless has completed within 6 weeks to our satisfaction. The process was seamless and once we made the decision to sell, the legal process was very straightforward.

Steve Preston, Managing Director – Sweetmores Anocrome Limited

Duns Service Station

After our initial meeting with Tom about our telephone mast, our deal with APWireless seemed to be on then off then back on, but I must say this was mainly due to my dithering (being busy at work etc etc). But then you really have to give these deals your attention. Tom really explained the details well and was very professional at all times. Our deal was wrapped up quickly towards the end, helped along at every turn by Tom. I’m very pleased I eventually gave it my full attention. As business deals go it was a good one.

Graham Walker – Aitken-Walker Cars


I worked with Jess on an Executors’ sale of a mast near East Grinstead. She has been professional, helpful, efficient and an excellent communicator throughout the transaction which was achieved to time and wholly in line with my clients expectations.

Oliver Harwood MA (Cantab) FRICS, Partner – RH & RW Clutton, Chartered Surveyors
East Grinstead

European Yachting Equipment

Dear Ged, I’m pleased to say that the lump sum has been received today which concludes this transaction. Please be advised that I was very happy with the manner in which this matter was dealt with.

Paul Elliott

Maisie Cottage

The lease on our mast had expired and with the new electronics code our rent was being reduced. With Jess Howie from APWireless we negotiated a deal to our satisfaction. Jess saw it through from start to finish and the whole thing only took a few weeks. We are satisfied with the outcome and would recommend APWireless to other site owners. Thank you.

Mike Hurford

Grove Terrace

I have known Tom for a few years and we have found him to give sound practical advice on all telecoms matters. After the introduction of the new telecoms code giving the operators rights to significantly reduce rents way below market value, it’s difficult for landlords to negotiate a decent new contract .We received an extremely low offer and were more than happy to sell the freehold title of the tower to an established reputable company such as APWireless. With professional Guidance from Tom and a more than generous deal, the whole sale process went through very quickly , smoothly and I would recommend APWireless to any other interested parties.
Tom was very professional and upfront and a pleasure to deal with.

Steve Lowdon
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Emily’s Nurseries

Our lease had expired so rather than fight the impending rent decrease with the operator our family decided accept an APWireless offer of a lump sum from Tom. This was a family decision and we’re more than happy to let APWireless deal with them.

Graham Jones – Emily’s Nurseries

People’s Theatre

Conscious of the vulnerability of our long-term mast income as a result of recent Legislation and because we needed a large capital sum to enable us to complete a major project at our theatre we approached APWireless to explore the sale/lease of our rental income. Our negotiations with Tom Gannucci on behalf of APWireless were forthright and friendly and made us confident of a successful outcome. Unfortunately following the successful completion of our negotiations we encountered lengthy legal delays which were the fault of neither us nor APWireless. Throughout these stressful months Tom maintained supportive communications until we finally achieved completion. We have been very happy with the whole process from first to last.

Hugh Keegan, Treasurer – People’s Theatre
Newcastle upon Tyne

The Warehouse

I found dealing with APWireless and their representative, Rob Creamer, straight forward and hassle free. Their offer was generous and took away the unpredictable risk of dealing with a Telecoms Company with a break option at will. I believe they will also deal more effectively with the Telecoms Company, going forward, than I possibly could. I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone with Telecoms income to seriously consider this exit strategy as the income stream could so easily disappear.

Tony Whitehead

Twyfordbury Lane

Now that the sale has been completed I would just like to say it was a pleasure doing business with Tony Hutchinson and APWireless. Tony was always available and dealt with any problems promptly. Good luck with the lease renewal in Sept 2019. I would be interested to learn how much you get!

Terry Perkins
Bishop’s Stortford

Auto Services

I was initially skeptical about this concept but after further discussions I felt that it would be in my best interest to accept the offer from APWireless as it removed all the uncertainty from the mast site and allowed me to access funds immediately. I found their flexibility to build a deal to suit my particular needs very refreshing and I found Rob Creamer extremely helpful and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. I would recommend that anyone with a mast on their property should work with APWireless and if I had another mast I would definitely sell that to them as well.

Graham Boyd


I’m pleased Tom at APWirleess stuck by us to progress the sale of our lease. We dealt with a prolonged legal hurdle, but it was worth it to provide an excellent opportunity for our business plans for the future.

Peter Macklam, Managing Director – Knowesgate Leisure Ltd
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Chester Moor Farm

Very easy to deal with – open and transparent transaction. Follow up to completion thorough. Our role is to look after our clients best interests and in this respect the APWireless ‘Pot of cash’ offer suited my client’s circumstances perfectly. We were very pleased with the outcome and timescales and feel we have served our clients well.

Charles R Raine, Agent – Youngs RPS
Chester Le Street


I dealt solely with Tracy Granger from APWireless and found her to be ultimately professional. The transaction was clean and straightforward , I would do business again with Tracy and the team at APWireless and would happily recommend their services to anyone considering selling.

Johnnie Johnston

Brynfedwen Caravan Park

We would happily recommend APWireless to anyone considering entering into such an agreement; from their first approaching us with a proposal through to completion, they have made the transaction as smooth as possible, despite delays caused by our solicitors! The funds released have enabled us to finally undertake some long awaited property investment. Many thanks.

Stuart Montgomery

Victoria Road

All negotiations and advice were conducted in a very professional and efficient manner as agreed. Completion was achieved without any problems and payment was made as promised.

Ken Hartshorne

Site in Northern Ireland

Dealing with APWireless was a positive experience. They offered a range of financial packages and I was able to choose an option which best suited my needs. I found their representative, Linda, to be very helpful, straightforward and approachable. The whole process was relatively painless and stress free.



From start to finish dealing with APWireless was seamless and efficient. From first contact with APWireless and Linda Evans, her politeness and professionalism was very clear. Timescales and expectations were met in a professional manner and all queries were met with a thorough explanation. We would certainly recommend APWireless to anybody in the future.

Jason Brown

Leicester Road

Thank you so much Lydia for your very efficient and professional dealings with the completion of the sale of the lease to APWireless. Including finding the right solicitor to deal with the contract. All went through very quickly and smoothly as you said it would. I wish you much success with any future contracts and will pass on your card to any of my clients who might also be interested in a sale. Many thanks again.

Bob Brown

Chester Moor Farm

Very easy to deal with – open and transparent transaction. Follow up to completion thorough.

Charles Raine, Agent – Youngs RPS
Chester Le Street

Les Woolston Haulage

From the earliest stage, we found Tom’s approach to our deal very helpful and flexible. Tom has been very open, very straight-forward and I would have no reservations in recommending him to anyone considering selling their mast.

Sean Woolston, Managing Director – Les Woolston Haulage Limited

The Lodge Whaddon Farm

Good afternoon Kevin
Just a quick e-mail to thank you for all of your hard work in processing the lease sale to APWireless which was carried out effortlessly with your assistance. The sale was completed in a matter of weeks once agreed. I would whole-heartedly recommend you and APWireless to any other organizations or individuals considering selling or leasing their telecommunication aerial sites.

David Doyle – Whaddon Services
Leighton Buzzard

West View

Tom did a splendid job. I was particularly impressed by his communication throughout the whole process. I’m delighted I was guided along the path to sell my mast and lease release capital which enabled me to purchase bigger piece of land. I would be happy to recommend APWireless.

Graeme Scantlebury

Nutfield Lodge

Our experience with APWireless was exceptionally positive. We received a professional presentation outlining their background and benefits of doing business with them. There were no false promises and what was committed to was delivered without quibble or fuss.

Mark Watkins – Reigate Redhill And District Masonic Centre Limited

Jeffrey Amos

APWireless were easy to deal with, fair and prompt with the legalities and payment. I would happily recommend them to anyone considering selling their lease of a mast site.

Carreglefn, Anglesey

Barrhead Road

APWireless were very good to deal with and they wanted to make the deal happen working through any problems that arose. Tracy Granger was very professional.

Alfie Henighen

Agent to a small Business Owner

I am a Land Agent within a well-established multi-discipline firm of Chartered Surveyors and Estate Agents in the North of England. I recently dealt with Tom at APWireless for a telecoms mast on behalf of one of our clients in Northumberland. During the process, my Client’s title deeds raised an issue which was quickly and professionally resolved by the legal team at APWireless. My client is delighted with the outcome as the capital generated allowed them to invest in a linked business expansion project to allow them to diversify their business further. They wanted to release funds from the mast installation and invest them into their own business where they would have greater future control over the outcomes. They had some concerns over the uncertain future of the mast installation and as a result concluded to close a deal with APWireless. The sale of a long lease is not necessarily the right answer for every site owner but where the circumstances are right, I would have no hesitation in working with Tom and APWireless again.

Graeme C S Bruce, FRICS – youngsRPS

Crosskennan Road

I found APWireless to be professional and efficient to deal with, I took the approach that a lump sum is more useful than a small drip feed of money. This has enabled us to do other things with the money that we would have not been able to do otherwise.

Mark Blelock

Waylands Farm

Dealing with a situation like selling a piece of your property to someone you do not know can be a very sensitive and worrying thing to do, “am I doing the right thing?”, then I met Ian Humphrey of APWireless, and I felt comfortable dealing with him. He understood our need to delay the purchase for business reasons, and I found him and APWireless accommodating to the changes in the purchase conditions that we suggested. All in all, I didn’t feel under any pressure, and when we decided to proceed the deal went through exactly as we had planned and without any surprises. I would strongly recommend anyone considering selling their telecommunications site to deal with Ian and APWireless as we found them both to be honourable and professional to deal with.

Alex Walker – Beaver Branch Enterprises Limited

Consett Recovery

We run an established motor business and were politely approached by Tom and Tracy. We negotiated a deal for our two masts, however, during the legal process one operator decided to remove their equipment, so we were disappointed from that point, particularly as the legals were almost complete. Nevertheless Both Tom and Tracy were, friendly, very easy going, professional and we’re happy to have done business with APWireless. Feel free to contact me if you have a mast and have any queries…..

Owen Kirby – Consett Recovery

Frome Memorial Theatre

Emyr, I promised some time ago to send a few words to express my sincere thanks and entire satisfaction at the way you conducted our discussions and negotiations when you bought out our mobile mast contract at the theatre. My former colleague Trustee Mike Cole, who as you know is sadly no longer with us, began the negotiations and I became involved when we got to the point of instructing our solicitors to complete all the legal formalities. I need to say that I found your input into the situation to be most professional and ethical. Whilst there was some negotiation around the final settlement, which ultimately was to the satisfaction of all parties, this was carried out in a very friendly and amicable fashion. The deal we struck relieved the theatre of the task of managing the supervision of the mast on a day to day basis, although we do still have oversight of the maintenance of it by the mobile provider, in conjunction with yourselves. You have effectively replaced our annual rental receipt with a single lump sum payment which has enabled us to move on significantly with capital improvements at the theatre including completion of replacement of all the seats in the theatre, replacement of our entire heating system ( including the boilers ) and also upgrading our fire alarm system throughout the whole complex. This capital expenditure would have been impossible without the input of the deal we struck with your good selves and has enabled the theatre to make these improvements whilst continuing to generate its normal income to cover the ongoing running costs of such a large complex. Thank you very much indeed for all the help you gave us in this matter. We remain extremely grateful for your support and for helping our theatre to take a major step forward.

Roger Hatherell, Treasurer & Trustee – Frome Memorial Theatre Trust

Jesus House

My experience with APWireless was excellent from start to finish. Tom Gannucci was very determined to sell this product and was always willing to explain in details any area of concern. He was very good at providing updates on progress and there is no hidden cost. The transaction was completed through the timely intervention of APWireless even with difficult stumbling blocks. This is a worthwhile transaction because more achievements will be recorded by the availability of funds. I will definitely recommend APWireless to potential client because of the honesty, dedication and ability to deliver under difficult circumstances.

Abudu Amike, Trustee

SCCI Alphatrack Limited

From start to finish Tracy at APWireless made the sale of our mast site a smooth process with regular communication and a clear timeline. Tracy was a pleasure to deal with, always polite, professional and courteous. She was also understanding of the constraints on my time due to other activities, but always kept in touch to ensure we hit our target completion date. The funds from the sale will enable us to reduce our company debt. I would happily recommend APWireless to other potential clients. If you own a mast site, and you are considering sale in the future, they are definitely a company to get to know.

Paul Dellow, Director – SCCI Alphatrack Limited

Redding Industrial Estate

Dear Tracy,
I’m writing to you in thanking yourself and your team for the way in which business from start to finish was handled, every success in the future civility costs nothing, keep it simple, special thanks to Kevin a credit to yourself. As they say it’s good to talk.
Yours sincerely

Grant McNeill – Redding Industrial Estate

Bishopswood Playing Fields

APWireless have been a pleasure to deal with; honest and professional, during the sale of two telecommunications tower sites I owned. Ian Humphrey has kept me up to date with progress throughout the process and I would not hesitate to do business with Ian and APWireless again, at any point in the future and would recommend them to anyone who may be interested in selling sites.

Susan Abbotts – Bishopswood Pavilion Limited

Station Yard

Look no further. APWireless are a very professional organisation handling a catalogue of projects under strict and organised control. They are highly skilled operators and you know from the outset you are in the hands of a very competent team. Our deal with APWireless was estimated to take approx. 4 weeks and on the dotted line, our transaction signed off on the stipulated date. No ifs or buts. An extremely satisfactory undertaking – absolutely second to none. We congratulate personally Kevin Povey and his team. Efficiency, integrity and professionalism at its best. Well done.

Andrew & Norma Clarke

Paddock House

At first I was wary of an “out of the blue” approach by a company unknown to me, particularly as I am representing someone else’s interests. As it turned out I need not have worried. Negotiations were conducted in a wholly professional manner, without pressure, and with a genuine desire on APWireless’ part to bring about a deal which satisfied me. The representative Jacqueline Naudi was a delight to deal with. I hold her honesty, integrity and patience in high regard and APWireless are to be congratulated on having such a worthy representative. I am only sorry my dealings with APWireless have come to an end.

John Moore, Attorney

Compton Grain Mills

My experience with APWireless has been smooth and non-stressful and this I can only put this down to dealing with Jacqueline Naudi.

Nigel Mustill

Helen Renner

We decided to sell our mast to fund a new holiday cottage, Tom Gannucci has been extremely helpful and always willing to answer questions quickly and efficiently. APWireless stood by the deal when unexpected complications arose and said they would wait to complete the exchange no matter how long it took. Would definitely use APWireless if we decided to sell our other mast. Thank you Tom.

Helen Renner

Paul Fantom

Very professional and easy and straight forward to work with. I was very pleased with the amount of funds agreed. Emyr made the whole process plain and simple.

Paul Fantom – Central Auto Salvage

Camping International Limited

Initial contact was made by APWireless some two years before we recently agreed terms. From that initial contact they were highly professional, relaxed in their approach and understanding. My initial concerns were expelled resulting to an agreement. I would personally recommend APWireless and look forward to future dealings.

Mark Prior – Camping International Limited

Mark Eade

APWireless contacted us directly with regards to our phone mast and whilst we chose to use a broker, the service provided was very good. There were always good levels of communications and the deal we received was by far the best offered from the market. We were offered varying deals depending on the basis that we wanted to proceed. This transaction has provided us with a very good level of funding and removed our concerns regarding lease renewals and decommissioning of our site. I would strongly recommend using APWireless for clients debating a deal of this type.

Mark Eade

Bullimore Wood

I would happily recommend APWireless to others. The personal advice and guidance from Lydia Riley made the whole transaction very easy.

Christopher Leigh

Sunderland Parachute Centre Ltd

After I was approached by Tom of APWireless regarding two masts with leases on our property I did not feel under any pressure to commit to what was on offer. I wasn’t sure at first and so did not progress the matter. I later received a Notice to Quit from CTIL (Vodafone / Telefonica) and wished that I had accepted the APWireless offer. Tom had previously explained that APWireless understood that some of their purchased sites might go the same way but were prepared to accept that and factored in that possibility. I then thought to get back to Tom and see if APWireless were still interested in my remaining site. Having explained the situation to Tom we commenced matters with the remaining site and took that onto a successful sale. It was a pleasure dealing with Tom who was easy to contact, always coming back to me even if he missed a call from me and I found him very helpful.

Ian Rosenvinge – Sunderland Parachute Centre Ltd

Michael & Linda Scott

After buying and selling properties throughout the North of England, Spain & North Africa this was the easiest completion we have ever done. Ged was always available to speak to and when we eventually met it was like we had known him forever! Well done APWireless for making everything so easy.

Michael & Linda Scott
Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire

Aquajet Drain Cleaning LTD

I was a little sceptical when first approached by Tom as I had previously only dealt with the operator and couldn’t understand why another company would want to ‘buy the lease’ for the mast on my premises. After Tom told me the details and answered my questions I realised this was an opportunity to reduce my mortgage and progressed the deal with APWireless. Tom made sure that I was kept up to date with the legal process which ran smoothly.

Tracy Oliver – Aquajet Drain Cleaning LTD
Chester Le Street

Steven Layn Holdings Limited

My experience in selling a freehold property to APWireless was very straight forward and uncomplicated. My contact, Ian Fitzpatrick was easy to speak to, and any issues were quickly resolved. I would certainly be prepared to recommend APWireless to your other potential clients.

Steven Layn – Steven Layn Holdings Limited
Ely, Cambridgeshire

McConechy’s Tyre Service Limited

Following our agreement to proceed, APWireless and their solicitor delivered the expected results on all 3 sites which suits us and our future plans. I would recommend APWireless to anyone that wants to complete this type of transaction.

Derek McConechy – McConechy’s Tyre Service Limited

Lancing Fruit Farm

The whole experience has been very personal and without pressure. Any problems have always been discussed with patience and from our experience to our advantage. I would recommend APWireless to any client.

Barry Partridge – Lancing Fruit Farm

Vincent Mill

The sale of the lease to APWireless of our mast was an easy process, no doubt aided by you. May I therefore write to thank you for your efficient and friendly way of working.

Michael Twigg

Appley Bridge Biomass to Energy Ltd

Dear Ged,
I would like to say a personal thank you to you for handling the sale of the Phone Mast and land at Sparrow Hill, Parbold, Lancashire. I had previously spoken to another company but it became obvious they did not possess the detailed and in depth knowledge that is required to successfully complete a sale of telecommunication equipment. The sale was completed extremely quickly and professionally to our entire satisfaction thanks to you. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services in the future.
With Kind Regards

Neil Atkins, Director – Appley Bridge Biomass to Energy Ltd

Newton Holdings (Hull) Ltd

Having been approached by Linda of APWireless on two or three occasion I then gave Linda the opportunity to meet and discuss the proposal, Linda was very professional and honest in all her dealings with myself. We agreed a price which Linda or APWireless did not argue or try to reduce in any way, in fact the whole deal was carried with no difficulties whatsoever and I can recommend APWireless and Linda as being very professional in all their dealings in this matter.

Olwyn Newton (MD) – Newton Holdings (Hull) Ltd

Keith McVittie

Dear Tom,

Just a short note to thank you for all your help, advice and guidance with my telephone mast. From the first telephone call I felt a feeling of confidence that you were genuine and what you had to offer was a benefit to me in my circumstances. You guided me through the procedure step by step and offered me a fair and good deal and the whole process ran very smoothly. I will certainly recommend you to any other interested parties as being fair, honest and upfront and I will recommend APWireless.

Kind regards and many thanks once again.

Keith McVittie

Lodge of Stonehaven No. 65

We have found APWireless informative, punctual and polite. We have taken the opportunity to carry out some expensive work on the Lodge building which would have otherwise not been financially viable. We would recommend APWireless to other potential clients.

John Lawson


APWireless purchased a telecoms site with complex site share arrangements between various operators. I was please to transact with a company with specific expertise in the sector and who were able to take an expert view on future revenue streams. I found APWireless easy to deal with throughout the transaction.


Brownings Funeral Directors

Tom got in touch with ourselves to explain how APWireless worked and present a proposal to ourselves regarding our mast site. After we accepted the proposal, Tom kept us informed with proceedings with great detail and transparency, explaining anything we were unsure of. It was a pleasure to work with Tom on this as it was dealt with more on a personal level rather than a business deal, but still with great professionalism.

Eric Browning – Brownings Funeral Directors
West Lothian

Yorkshire Diesel Power Ltd.

APWireless conducted business with us in a professional and timely manner. Our contact was extremely courteous and efficient. We were very pleased with all aspects of the deal.

Colin Seal MIDGTE – Yorkshire Diesel Power Ltd.
West Yorkshire

Becontree Furniture

I appreciate all the work you put in and it was a pleasure dealing with APWireless on this matter. Very professional, courteous and efficient.

Becontree Furniture
North London

Spice Tandoori

I run a few businesses and like to maximise value whenever possible, therefore, when Tom approached me explaining the APWireless business model, it was a no brainer, particularly with a 12 month operators break clause in my lease.

Mohamed Ali – Spice Tandoori

Bo’ness Motor Museum

Having had two masts APWireless not only correctly forecast that one of them would be decommissioned but predicted when it was likely to occur. I like to invest in antique cars for our Museum Business in Bo’ness, which has been open for 10 years, therefore, APWireless presented an ideal opportunity to increase our Museum assets. However I also appreciated their accurate market assessment and forecast of our likely future rent return of the masts.

Colin Anderson – Bo’ness Motor Museum
West Lothian

The Cylinder Service Centre Ltd, ‘The Hydraulic Cylinder Specialist’

When we were first approached by Tom on behalf of APWireless, I had lots of questions to ask about the proposal. Tom took the time to sit down with me and ran through each individual query. This provided an adequate and thorough explanation of the whole process which left us full of confidence in the process. Tom then delivered exactly what was explained to us and the arrangement ran really smoothly. A pleasure to work with.

The Cylinder Service Centre Ltd, ‘The Hydraulic Cylinder Specialist’

Premier Scaffolding Services Ltd

From our first meeting with Tom, we had confidence in both his and APWireless’s abilities. They delivered exactly what they said they would and kept informed throughout. Great to do business with. Tom is a very practical and approachable person and we would happily recommend them to anyone thinking of capitalising on their mast.

Premier Scaffolding Services Ltd

Harry Mitchous

I was approached by Lydia of APWireless. She was very professional and straightforward and the transaction was finished without complications. She was true to her words and was always prompt in getting back to me. I would recommend other clients to work with APWireless in the future.

Harry Mitchous


I had received a number of approaches prior to APWireless and discounted them all.

Upon discussion with APWireless, it become apparent they were a highly professional, motivated and honest global organisation. After researching them, I was self-assured that any agreement would be mutually beneficial.

The discussions and negotiations were short and to the point and the offer generous enough to culminate in an agreement for APWireless. The transaction itself was totally smooth and quick, with all deadlines being hit resulting in low lawyers fees for both parties.

It was indeed a pleasure to do business with APWireless. Utterly professional at all times and mindful of my interests and satisfaction to ensure both parties were satisfied with the ultimate outcome.

I would absolutely recommend any landlord to engage with APWireless.


Tayside Plumbing

We were approached by APWireless regarding the potential purchase of our lease with Vodafone for a mobile telephone mast. The interest in the lease came at an opportune time for the Directors as they were considering downsizing the business due to their partial retirement and the cash released could be used in their retirement planning.

Once a decision was made the negotiations were conducted professionally, the final offer was delivered within the agreed time scale and the transaction proceeded smoothly to conclusion.

Tayside Plumbing

Polton All Stars

Absolutely delighted with the service and professionalism shown by APWireless and Tom Gannucci in particular. From our initial meeting, everything was clearly explained to us and we knew exactly where we stood throughout the process which took only 20 days from agreement to monies being received. A very worthwhile exercise and a timely help to our business. I’d recommend them to anyone.

Jamie Pollock – Polton All Stars

The Kitewood Group of Companies

The whole transaction went swiftly and smoothly with excellent communication between ourselves and Ian Humphrey of APWireless. Thank you for such a speedy conclusion and our best wishes for your future growth and prosperity.

Barbara Condon, Director – The Kitewood Group of Companies

Stephen Cowan

I am happy to confirm that dealing with APWireless on sale of property was straightforward and they fully delivered on all commitments. I would be happy to trade again.

Stephen Cowan, Estates Surveyor – Tarmac/Lafarge

Lyndhurst Holdings Ltd

It was a pleasure dealing with APWireless, they were both efficient and professional from start to finish.

Lyndhurst Holdings Ltd