Charities and Churches

The Rose Theatre

I would like to thank you, particularly for all your help in arranging this lease for APW. We appreciate these matters are complicated to set up and we have always had confidence in APW’s expertise and knowledge of this specialised market. Our personal contact and correspondence have always been pleasant and helpful. As a Charitable Theatre in need of substantial funds for essential capital expenditure required to reduce our forthcoming energy costs, your solution has been invaluable to us.

David Wakeman, Treasurer

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Southwark CIO

I found APWireless easy to deal with and very supportive with the sourcing and compiling of the information required for our lease transfers. They helped set the agenda and timetable for the whole team at the RCAOS to run as smoothly as possible. There was throughout our dealings a high level of communication at every step of the way. This contributed enormously to our process and commitments with key individuals, parishes and schools. We would heartedly recommend any organization with ecclesiastical and educational property holdings such as ours to seriously consider the APWireless capitalisation proposition for their telecoms sites.

David Smith, Property Department – Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Southwark CIO

People’s Theatre

Conscious of the vulnerability of our long-term mast income as a result of recent Legislation and because we needed a large capital sum to enable us to complete a major project at our theatre we approached APWireless to explore the sale/lease of our rental income. Our negotiations with Tom Gannucci on behalf of APWireless were forthright and friendly and made us confident of a successful outcome. Unfortunately following the successful completion of our negotiations we encountered lengthy legal delays which were the fault of neither us nor APWireless. Throughout these stressful months Tom maintained supportive communications until we finally achieved completion. We have been very happy with the whole process from first to last.

Hugh Keegan, Treasurer – People’s Theatre
Newcastle upon Tyne

Frome Memorial Theatre

Emyr, I promised some time ago to send a few words to express my sincere thanks and entire satisfaction at the way you conducted our discussions and negotiations when you bought out our mobile mast contract at the theatre. My former colleague Trustee Mike Cole, who as you know is sadly no longer with us, began the negotiations and I became involved when we got to the point of instructing our solicitors to complete all the legal formalities. I need to say that I found your input into the situation to be most professional and ethical. Whilst there was some negotiation around the final settlement, which ultimately was to the satisfaction of all parties, this was carried out in a very friendly and amicable fashion. The deal we struck relieved the theatre of the task of managing the supervision of the mast on a day to day basis, although we do still have oversight of the maintenance of it by the mobile provider, in conjunction with yourselves. You have effectively replaced our annual rental receipt with a single lump sum payment which has enabled us to move on significantly with capital improvements at the theatre including completion of replacement of all the seats in the theatre, replacement of our entire heating system ( including the boilers ) and also upgrading our fire alarm system throughout the whole complex. This capital expenditure would have been impossible without the input of the deal we struck with your good selves and has enabled the theatre to make these improvements whilst continuing to generate its normal income to cover the ongoing running costs of such a large complex. Thank you very much indeed for all the help you gave us in this matter. We remain extremely grateful for your support and for helping our theatre to take a major step forward.

Roger Hatherell, Treasurer & Trustee – Frome Memorial Theatre Trust

Jesus House

My experience with APWireless was excellent from start to finish. Tom Gannucci was very determined to sell this product and was always willing to explain in details any area of concern. He was very good at providing updates on progress and there is no hidden cost. The transaction was completed through the timely intervention of APWireless even with difficult stumbling blocks. This is a worthwhile transaction because more achievements will be recorded by the availability of funds. I will definitely recommend APWireless to potential client because of the honesty, dedication and ability to deliver under difficult circumstances.

Abudu Amike, Trustee

Bo’ness Motor Museum

Having had two masts APWireless not only correctly forecast that one of them would be decommissioned but predicted when it was likely to occur. I like to invest in antique cars for our Museum Business in Bo’ness, which has been open for 10 years, therefore, APWireless presented an ideal opportunity to increase our Museum assets. However I also appreciated their accurate market assessment and forecast of our likely future rent return of the masts.

Colin Anderson – Bo’ness Motor Museum
West Lothian