Be Secure as a Phone Mast Landlord

Your mobile phone mast site lease is not as dependable as you might think. Your site rent can go away for many reasons, most of them completely out of your control. Consolidation in the telecoms industry, increases in data demand, and advancements in technology can all play a role in an operator’s decision to terminate a mast site lease.

As telecoms operators look for ways to cut down operating expenses and gain market share in an industry that is demanding more and more bandwidth, mergers and partnerships between operators become increasingly likely. When phone operator consolidations occur, landlords of redundant mobile mast sites are at risk of lease termination. And while increased data demand would seem to mean better security for your mobile phone mast, it doesn’t always work that way.

The design and location of a telecommunications network is extremely complicated and constantly changing. Not only does new technology allow for more data to be transmitted over longer distances, but new delivery methods also threaten to replace traditional mobile phone antennas, resulting in fewer sites needed to cover demand. So while it is true that new mobile phone masts and rooftop installations are being built to handle more traffic, existing sites that no longer fit the network plan are also being taken down.

Even for those who design the network, it is virtually impossible to predict which mobile mast sites will get terminated. To illustrate this point, although we are telecommunication experts and do a tremendous amount of due diligence to determine the long-term prospects of every mobile phone mast site lease we buy, we still lose sites every year.

Be Secure as a Phone Mast Landlord was last updated October 16th, 2018 by APWireless UK