Video Testimonials

“Like most people I have got a pension plan in place, with the lease running out and with the offer made, it made sense to do the transaction.”

Phoenix Joinery

"I would recommend anybody to look at their own things and if they’ve got mast income they would be as well to cash it in because anything can happen in the future."

Hamilton Accies

“And in that time a new code with regards to telecommunications infrastructure came into law and that had a detrimental effect to the value.”

London Green LTD

“It meant that we could develop areas which we probably wouldn’t have been able to develop at the time.”

B Sixth Form College

“When the new code came into practice in December 17, then the agent did get in touch and offered £42 for 10 years!”

Foulstone Farm

“Did what they said and said what they did, that was right enough!”

Holland Farm

"It was something I would encourage others to do...Mobile Phone technology is changing and thus, will there be security for them of that income going forward, and thus, someone like APWireless offering them a very nice capital sum to take on the risk, is a perfect scenario for them."

The Lodge, Notting Hill, London, W11

“The deciding factor was basically the sum of money that we were going to receive. Inevitably that helped us carry out the capital projects that we were looking to do but also it took out some of the uncertainty of an annual payment coming to us from a mobile phone company where perhaps we weren't sure how long that deal would continue. So, the fact that we were able to secure a capital sum up-front enabled us to carry on with the works that we needed to do without that uncertainty prevailing."

Roger Hatherell, FROME Memorial Theater

“If we had another mast we would certainly be looking to release that. Funding coming in on small amounts and drip feeding tends to get lost in the big black hole of the budget where a large capital sum can be refinanced for major projects within school.”

Peter Crewe, St. Christopher’s C.E. High School

“…we decided just to release a bit of capital really. In a chunk rather than, you know, getting a few grand in here and there.”

Kenneth Simmons, Pakyns Farm

“It’s been an honor to be part of going through with all this, something quite substantial as this. It has brought me my confidence and, with the help of APWireless, has helped me as a person.”

Neil Perrie, St. Peter’s Mens Club

“We’d got various things that we wanted to do…having that money enabled us to invest and tidy the place up to make it more attractive.”

Geoff Roberts, Sedgley Park RUFC