Farms was last updated May 14th, 2018 by APWireless UK

Haggerston Barns

We decided the time was right to release the capital in our farm mast for which the APWireless business model provided the opportunity. From a business perspective a large capital sum proved more effective than a rent that was consistently under threat of reduction. Tom was extremely helpful throughout the disposal process, which only took 45 days to complete from agreeing terms. 6 months on we have no regrets.

Robert Gladstone, Director - H O Short & Son Ltd

Farm in Stirling

Straight forward dealing. Tracy pushed all the way to make the transaction happen. Professional and very pleasant to deal with.

St Ninians

Greenside Farm

I'm pleased Tom got in touch and explained the benefits the APWireless lease premium offer. When Tom first approached me I was a little hesitant, however, APWireless showed great flexibility with their proposals which suited my business expansion plans.

Tony Macari

Carn Entral Farm

My experience with APWireless was very good. This transaction enabled me to pay off a secured loan and have a regular income for the next couple of years of my retirement I would certainly recommend APWireless to our other potential clients.

Jacqueline Merrick


Dealing with APWireless has been smooth and trouble free. We have had clarity and transparency in all matters. Their representative Mr Emyr Evans was very helpful at all times and facilitated the agreement with expediency and was professional at all times. It also helped that he was a Welsh speaking Welshman with a very good understanding of agricultural matters. I would highly recommend them to any landowner contemplating a long term telecom mast lease sale.

Martha Owens

Hanging Chadder Farm

Everything went very smoothly right from initial contact to final closure of the deal.

Philip Day

Camusericht Farm

After contacting us they dealt will all the legal requirements but kept us well informed. Yes I would recommend APWireless to other potential clients. Thank you for all your help.

Callum Robertson

Seaways Farm

Very professional efficient and friendly people. This transaction will help us to increase our arable acreage by taking on further tenancies. I would certainly recommend APWireless to any potential clients.

Melvin Couzens – Seaways Farm

J and I Wilson and Sons

Following a family meeting with Tom we took professional advice, discussed the merits of the new telecoms code and proceeded with the sale of our mast. This completed with relative ease and the family are delighted with the outcome. Tom was a pleasure to deal with and ensured everything ran smoothly. Many thanks!

Pat Wilson - J and I Wilson and Sons

Northleaze Farm

My experience with APWireless was very favourable, they offered a good price & quick closure . The reason I decided to sell was being in our late 60s I thought the money would be better in my savings for my use than getting so much a year, and there was always the risk that the site could be closed and I would lose my rental income. It was very helpful Ian coming to us and talking it over with no pressure. Altogether very pleased with the outcome and the short time it all took, very efficient from start to finish.

David C Hayne

H J Jones and Son

As a business we deal with so many companies and found that customer services can be lacking in many areas but with APWireless we can honestly say this was not the case.
Our representative Ian Humphrey has been very respectful to us, happy to communicate on a personal level and always willing to answer any questions we have had in a detailed manner.
The transaction went very smoothly on their side and we would be very happy to do business with them again.

Hugh & Deborah Jones - H J Jones and Son
Bicester, Oxfordshire

J & A Cooper & Sons

I found dealing with Tracy at APWireless a friendly and professional experience . Negotiations were done with patience and politeness, a company easy to deal with . I would recommend them to anyone looking into doing this type of business to try them.

Ronald Cooper – J & A Cooper & Sons
Laurencekirk, Aberdeenshire

Washdyke Farm

My experience with APWireless was painless, and held no unpleasant surprises. I would recommend APWireless to other potential clients.

John Kime

Woodhams Farm

From the very first meeting with Ian Humphrey of APWireless I knew I had made the right decision on the sale of the lease for our masts, all correspondence was clear and concise leading to a very quick and smooth completion process, I would highly recommend Ian and his team to anyone looking to do the same!

Simon White

Calcott Hall Farm

Having completed a deal with APWireless less than a year ago, completely out of the blue, Vodafone have terminated their lease and will be removing their mast. I had thought that the mast was very secure but it just shows what an uncertain industry telecommunications can be and now, in hindsight, I’m very glad that I made the decision to sell the rental stream to APWireless when I did.

Peter McTurk – Calcott Hall Farm

Mayden Farm

From the initial meeting with Ian Fitzpatrick, I felt relaxed and that I was dealing with a very professional organisation. I would certainly recommend APWireless for anyone I know looking to sell their mast.

John Dewhurst – Mayden Farm

Woodlands Farm

I found APWireless a very good, reliable company to work with; no problems, very easy. Tracy was most professional.

Michael Mountford – Woodlands Farm

Sandridgebury Farm

We recently completed a leasehold transaction with APWireless, London Office in respect of the telecom installation on our farm. This was not without complications but was dealt with professionally and courteously, bringing the matter to a successful and very satisfactory conclusion.

David Burrows – Sandridgebury Farm
St Albans

Shardeloes Farm

As this matter has now been completed, within the 4-6 week timescales discussed at the outset, I would like to put on record my appreciation to APWireless, in particular to their representative Kevin from their London Office, for his professional response to my queries and concerns. I would certainly recommend this course of action to any company or individual in a similar position.

Tony Williams – Shardeloes Farm

Fortharmill Farm

After responding to a letter from APWireless advising of their presence at the Royal Highland Show I had a meeting with Tom Gannucci and decided to progress matters. This proved to be great timing as I had been considering investing in a renewables system, which includes a Biomass boiler for my farm house and outbuildings. Dealing with Tom was a pleasure, it only took 7 weeks to complete matters and consequently fund a profitable investment over the next 20 years which will outperform my telecoms lease.

Jim Black – Fortharmill Farm