Nearly two years after the proposed finish date, Vodafone and O2 are expecting to conclude their joint venture Project Beacon by the end of 2017. The agreement created a joint venture CTIL (Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Limited) in which O2 are responsible for maintaining, building and monitoring new mobile phones masts in the east of the country and Vodafone in the west.Project Beacon Goals And Proposals
Project Beacon, which has been in place since 2012 allows Vodafone to use O2 masts and visa versa with a combined 18,000 masts across a single network grid. According to CTIL, the project also dedicated some of its billion pound budget to investment in updating 400 existing base stations monthly in order for them to be able to work successfully with 4G signals.

The companies have also positively benefited with millions of pounds of costs being stripped due to using each others masts and increasing connections without having to install thousands of brand new masts.

What Does This Mean For Mobile Phone Mast Landlords of Vodafone or O2 sites?
Companies like APWireless can advise you on the options you have as a mobile phone mast landlord. This can include increasing your financial security, gaining control of your investment and making the most of having a mobile phone mast on your land.
For those that already have masts on their land, you may find that improvements are made and updates to the masts are introduced. In order to make sure that you are getting the best deal for your plot of land and your mobile mast, you should consider a mobile phone mast lease premium which exchanges the rent you receive for the mast for a sum of money paid straight to you.

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