How Is Your Mobile Phone Mast Helping To Grow The UK’s 4G Coverage

As a mobile phone mast landlord, no matter whether you are located in a rural or urban area, you are part of the network of masts that are helping to boost connectivity within the UK. These masts can be 25 metre masts on rural farm land or small cells attached to the outside of buildings to in towns and cities.
But how do these masts work and how can you take control of yours?How Is Your Mobile Phone Mast Working as Part of the Wider Network?
Strictly speaking a mast is just that, a tower or pole that sticks up into the air. What actually enables us to send and receive calls are the antenna, which can be located onto existing buildings or onto a masts. The mast simply lifts antenna to a height where they can transmit and receive radio waves. When you make a call your phone converts voice or data into radio waves that are transmitted to the nearest mast / cell site. The antenna then determines if the call is to another mobile phone or to a landline and routes the call accordingly. The mobile phone network operates on the cell principle. The network operators have divided the UK up into thousands of discrete areas – cells – that contain equipment to provide coverage. Each cell provides coverage for a specific area and because their coverage overlaps, calls can be passed between cells as people move around. Cell density and positioning are driven by population distribution and topography. There are more cells in urban area to cater for higher traffic levels and, sometimes, to mitigate interference caused by tall buildings and local clutter. In more rural locations masts can be kilometres apart where population is low and widespread.

How To Take Control Of Your Mobile Phone Mast?
As a mobile phone mast landlord, you may be wondering what your options are in terms of taking control of your mast, securing your financial future and moving away from the agreement you currently hold. When the mast was built on your site you will have entered into an agreement with network provider so that you received rent from the mast in return for it being housed on your land. Here at APWireless, we offer an alternative to that, guaranteeing you a large lump sum now and landlords that have worked with us have done so for the following reasons:

  • Eliminate decommissioning risk and any future rent reduction
  • Release capital to invest in a higher return project or development opportunity
  • Benefit from our extensive market knowledge to maximise the value of the site
  • Eliminate the time and cost burden of managing the lease and dealing with the mobile operators

Eliminate the risk associated with the pending Digital Economy Bill
For more information on our mobile phone mast lease premiums, contact APWireless.