Gourock Golf Club’s Experience with APWireless

The approach from APWireless came at the right time for Gourock Golf Club. We were looking at making improvements to both the course and the club facilities and in so doing enhancing the experience for existing members as well as working to attract new members. Sourcing disposable cash that would be put back into the course and clubhouse to make this ambition a reality proved difficult. When the approach came from APWireless, it made sense for us to discuss and look at gaining a capital sum for the telecoms rental income.

The ability to put that money back into both the course and clubhouse was one of the main reasons for accepting the offer from APWireless. In addition we knew we were gaining the full market value of the lease at the time of the transaction.

Having experienced a rent reduction on a previous review of the lease, the uncertainty about the level and future of the telecoms income was always a worry for us and even became a reality. Having the capital sum and taking this worry away was obviously a positive for us.

My advice to any other landlords who have a telecoms lease is to have a discussion about the possibility of capitalising on the rent and see if it would be more beneficial for you to invest into a more stable income stream. I think it would be a good idea to look at the market trend and, like us, take advice from independent advisors who have extensive experience in telecoms. Their expertise allows an insight on what the future may hold for telecoms leases and in turn the rental income received from it.

We would recommend APWireless as they were very professional and always available to answer any queries we had. It was a matter of months from the initial contact with the APWireless representative to the conclusion of the transaction, which just shows how smooth the process from start to finish. Given the chance, we would certainly partner with APWireless again.

For more info call 01543 547 901 or visit www.apwireless.co.uk