Case Study – Paul Modestou – Kingston Road

Paul Modestou, a landlord from the U.K. who owns several properties, closed a deal with APWireless at the end of August 2023. Initially, Mr. Modestou was cautious about making a deal with APWireless because he wasn’t aware of the mobile phone mast lease premium business model. The current regulations that are developing in the country (the new CODE), as well as APWireless’ extensive portfolio, encouraged Mr. Modestou to make the decision to work with APWireless.

“When I was first approached by APWireless, I was skeptical about mobile phone mast lease premiums being true,” notes the landlord. “But after doing some research and getting information from the Acquisitions Director, I started to understand the benefits of doing a deal with APWireless and negotiating a satisfactory deal for both parties.”

When having a mobile phone mast, it is important to stay knowledgeable of the current regulations and market trends. Mr. Modestou was aware of how the CODE could affect him in the future. “I was concerned that once my lease expired, the rent I was receiving from the operators would drastically reduce, and there was nothing I could do about it due to the CODE and the legalities,” he says.

Regarding the benefits of the deal with APWireless, “I’m a free holder of the building where the rooftop phone mast is located. With the lease premium, I was able to release some cash and purchase a new flat which will be rented out and give me a more profitable passive income than the one I was receiving from the roof antenna.”

“It made sense to me to reinvest the lump sum received from the phone mast premium where it is more advantageous to me.”

Paul Modestou has some advice for others considering partnering with APWireless, “take the offer seriously, not light-hearted and negotiate a fair deal where both sides are happy.” He adds, “It was a pleasurable experience because I got along so well with the Acquisitions Director and I enjoyed negotiating with this gentleman. He was very helpful all the way through the legal process and with all the enquiries that I had. In the end, it turned out to be a very good investment for me.”