Case Study: How to Monetise Your Telecom Assets

D. Jose Cañizares, representative of Cañete Business, S.L. and Díaz Ayala, S.L., closed a deal with APWireless in March of this year. The main challenge of the transaction was that the property leased to the mobile operator generated a recurring income for the landlord, therefore he didn’t have an immediate need to sell the asset. Below, Mr. Jose Cañizares shares his experience with APWireless.

“We had an industrial building leased to a mobile operator for many years. Although selling the property was not part of our plans, the good work, transparency, and honesty of APWireless were deciding factors for us.”

“Smooth” is the best way to describe the transaction!

Mr. Jose Cañizares continues. “As there was no pressing need to sell the asset and considering that APWireless is a world-class company with an established infrastructure, I had no major concern when APWireless contacted us. From the very first moment, the communication and subsequent negotiations went very smoothly, which is the aspect I would highlight the most about our transaction. Everything was quite easy, thanks to the exceptionally talented team at APWireless. The first meeting and the following ones went well because what I had really noticed about APWireless from the beginning was their honesty and transparency.”

We recovered the expenses from the initial investment and obtained a small profit.

Mr. Jose Cañizares: “The sale of the warehouse allowed us to recover the expenses from the initial investment as well as obtain a small profit, which we finally redirected to both of our companies. With the proceeds, we were able to purchase three commercial venues, generating a much higher return.”

More than a business relationship.

Mr. Jose Cañizares: “I would definitely recommend APWireless based on the positive experience we had. This was not just an ordinary transaction where someone wants to sell a property. It wasn’t merely the exchange of a cheque for the property; rather, it created a business and emotional bond between the two parties. This willingness to help and go the extra mile is not something everyone does. I wish APWireless all the success in the world.”