Case Study – David Sinton – Raith Rovers F.C.

When Raith Rovers F.C. were initially approached by APWireless, the club was content with the rental stream they were receiving from the necessity to raise funds to improve their installations arose.

David Sinton, our appointed contact at the club, states: “We decided that APWireless was the right option to collect funds for the various needs the stadium had. The current situation makes it challenging for Scottish football clubs to raise finance. If you happen to obtain mast rentals from a mobile operator, a partnership with APWireless is a good alternative.”

When asked about the issues football clubs face when raising funds, David Sinton explains further “If we had borrowed money from a bank, for instance, we would have had ongoing repayments, and we would have had to pay interests. With APWireless’ deal, there was no ongoing liability for the club. We raised the funds with no issues over repayment and paying interests.”

The club first considered using the proceeds of the rent capital to help finance the development of the ground and specifically a plastic pitch, which could be exploited by renting it out to the public. However, in the end, they decided to redecorate the hospitality areas, stand areas, and get Wi-Fi installed into the stadium. The latter specifically meant a significant commercial advantage because it enabled the club to interact with its supporters while they were at the stadium.

Raith Rovers F.C. would recommend others to work with APWireless: “They are pleasant to deal with. Tom was very nice, and present in a way that wasn’t pushy at all. One of the main attraction points was that it was relatively straight-forward to do. Since APWireless do this time and time again, they supply a lot of legal documentation which makes the process way nimbler and cheaper. Secondly, due to their experience in the field, they know the elements which make a good deal, so the agreement turned out to be satisfying for us.”

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