Case Study – Andrew Kirby from Kempston Rovers FC

The decision to move forward with APWireless arose from the need of capital to carry out several projects at the football club. The current revenue stream we were getting on an annual basis from the two telecom masts we had couldn’t make those happen. APWireless gave us the opportunity to capitalise on the mast rental and thus, get a significant lump sum for the projects we had in mind. At first, we were looking to install a synthetic hybrid pitch but that didn’t happen for various reasons. We ended up developing and redeveloping our special artificial pitches that we have on our facility.

Our initial concern was whether or not we were doing business with the right people due to the uncertain landscape in the present telecoms industry. We needed to make sure that we were getting a fair market value price for what we had, which we did! After doing some research on our own, we verified that APWireless’ deal was the best that we could get. The flexibility on the terms to suit our every need was a proper advantage that we could enjoy, compared to those market norm standardized packages. Our deal was tailor made, taking into account every legal and financial factor. APWireless did their best to customise the offer so that we could get the maximum capital sum in the swiftest way possible.

In our experience, everyone has to make their own due diligence and their own minds up when an opportunity such as this one arises. Being able to see the projects you know will make your club more competitive develop is a golden opportunity. The main attraction points for us were APWireless’ professionalism and the customised solution they could provide. On top of that, they were remarkably proactive working the timescale together with us.

Given the change, we would definitely work with APWireless again, we are happy with the operation. I have had a number of people ringing up from other football clubs and I always recommend APWireless.

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