APWireless Enjoy Exhibiting At The Royal Highland Show 2017

This years Royal Highland Show marked the 177th show since it first began in 1822. Based in Ingliston, North West Edinburgh, this year’s event attracted around 200,000 visitors across the four days. APWireless were lucky enough to be able to exhibit at the event with a stall set up ready to talk to locals, farmers and mobile phone mast landlords from across the region.The Royal Highland Show
Each year Ingliston plays host to thousands of people from all across the UK attracted to the Royal Highland Show with the promise of great food, fantastic livestock shows and equestrian events.

This years show was no different with thousands of visitors as well as 1,000 trade exhibitors and more than 6,500 animals attending. The Ingliston site has two exhibition halls, a forestry arena, countryside and renewables area. It also houses the renowned Scotland’s Larder Live held in the Highland Hall which sees some of the most accomplished chefs and fantastic produce from across the country showcased.

Why Was It Important For Us To Attend?
Many of our clients are farmers or landlords with agricultural land that houses a mobile phone mast for which they receive a rent. This piece of land needs maintaining but doesn’t offer room for farming which can be costly to you.

Which? recently announced that Scotland has been ranked 8th out of 12 in their regional ranking for 4G reception in the UK. This meant that unlike the top spot, London, on average 4G signals are only available 50.4% of the time across Scotland. This isn’t surprising with the country being made up of over 5.7 million hectares of agricultural land with only a handful of phone masts.

The Royal Highland Show was important in that it provided us with a platform with which to talk directly to landlords and potential landlords of mobile phone masts. We discussed any concerns, queries and questions they may have whilst offering information and advice on mobile phone mast leases.

There are many proposals for more mobile phone masts to be added to rural Scotland as the Government works to improve mobile signal and connectivity across the region.
APWireless have helped thousands of mobile phone mast landlords to take charge of their mast site rents, offering large sums of money in exchange for security and control over your piece of land.

If you are a landlord to a mobile phone mast or there is a proposal for a new mast to be built on your site then get in contact with our team at APWireless today.